Julian Assange

Julian Assange, draped in Wikileaks, strides onto the world stage like a demigod.

Around him the corrupt and fearful scurry like cockroaches bathed in the light of truth and justice.
The population divides.
Those that seek the truth, that value life for the sake of life, that put aside fear for they know that fear leads to death,see the light and are called to it.
Those that are in the thrall of fear, that see death all around, that fear change, that would hold life static, that would advantage themselves over others because they fear poverty and powerlessness, see the light and want to  extinguish it.

He is a man who loves his work and uses his considerable talents  for the benefit of all. He encourages freedom because he has, for himself, discovered it. He seeks to protect us with the truth from those who would oppress us. He is disinterested in riches for their own sake. He lives a life of overcoming fear.

Let us all emulate Julian Assange.

Let us gather our courage around us. Let us face the fears that eat away at our humanity and cause us to turn our eyes from injustice. Let us stand up and face the forces that would deprive us of our freedom.


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2 thoughts on “Julian Assange

  1. Good article! However you are not exactly helping Julian to remain humble. And if he happens to show up in court wearing a super hero outfit I am going to put part of the blame on you. Beyond that I concur with the subjects raised; in that courage is a virtue whereas fear only dissipates the quality of life. The wicked run from the light whereas those of good conscience gravitate toward such; they seeking to break free of that morbid darkness that keeps men bound in chains. It is my position that the primary instigators arrayed against Julian are those who are fearful that their crimes will be exposed; they doing their very best to propagate fear; they using such to subtly manipulate peoples’ minds; that they might maintain the status quo, protect their ostentatious lifestyles, and continue to use secret means to enrich themselves at the expense of others. Strange indeed; that openness and transparency in government; a foundational precept of the American Republic; and an absolute necessity as regards genuine democracy; is now being treated as something undesirable; its advocates esteemed revolutionaries. Strange times indeed!

    • Does Julian read all this stuff? If so, I’ll add the note. “you are but a man”. I’d love to see the “super hero” suitably dressed in court. He may look a bit more comfortable than he does at present in the borrowed suits.
      Anyway, the main protagonists are pretty well set. It’s the bulk of the population that needs to be motivated to support the work and the aims of Wikileaks and Julian. As we can see from the mainsteam media, it’s all about personality these days. I believe thats what prompted Julian to take the dreaded step into the public gaze.

      Somehow we have to find the way to get sufficient people to start the uphill struggle against the “forces of darkness” Not that easy with the mortgage and the kids and the job and all the other things in life that grab ones attention. It’s the “herding of cats”.
      The post is a little over the top, but true nonetheless. It would be preferrable that the population be inspired by the good, than to have to wait for conditions to deteriorate to the point where things get that bad the people will rise up and throw off the oppressors with all the attendant unpleasantries that involves. I’d like to see the needed changes made without recourse to bloody revolution.

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