Inspiration is Contagious: New Launch of

It seems as though Inspiration AND courage is contagious!

TradeLeaks is dedicated to openness and transparency in trade and commerce. We provide an anonymous way for consumers and sources within organisations to leak information about businesses directly to the public, by posting information and source material directly onto our website. We ask our sources to post credible information, including source documents where possible, which they believe consumers need to know. The transparency of the Internet has made consumers smarter than they have ever been. TradeLeaks further empowers consumers to make more informed choices. – a new business version of Wikileaks has been launched this morning by a twenty-eight year old Australian electronics retailer by the name of Ruslan Kogan whom was on this years BRW Young Rich list – noted for his wealth of 29 million dollars.

Kogan’s website, “Tradeleaks,” was inspired by Wikileaks. Within the first few hours of it’s incipience to the world wide web, Tradeleaks had received it’s first few anonymous reports. Yes, you read it right! “Anonymous” reports.

Tradeleaks offers users to submit reports on various businesses and retailers in an anonymous fashion. With Assange being jailed and death threats being placed on public television, Mr. Kogan decided that for the public’s interest – there would be an anonymous option. Along with that option, users can also rate each other’s posts according to credibility.

One of the first reports was from an anonymous person claiming that he was employed by a major television retailer and was instructed to simply adjust the color settings on their store merchandise so as to manipulate the customer into thinking that their televisions were better than the other ones. He urged people reading to adjust the color settings on televisions to “factory settings” before making a final decision on which one to purchase.

During an interview, Mr. Kogan was questioned about his motives for launching Tradeleaks. He claimed that it was not a publicity stunt, but hoped that it would become “bigger than Wikileaks.” He claimed that his opening of Tradeleaks had no bearing on his own business interests and stated that “It’s going to create a better shopping environment for consumers.”

Kogan defends Tradeleaks by saying that it’s a one size fits all type of environment where people can go to one place to see information about who works where and what goes on there. He was quoted saying, “We put the power in the consumers’ hands, we let people decide what’s relevant and what’s not, whether they believe it or not…We’re not policing it and will only remove posts if they’re defamatory…you can post anything you want.”

Upon being asked what type of security his site offers, he responded by saying that they have legal firms and teams and will not put up with attacks by anyone. He furthered his statement by stating that “This is No Wikileaks.”

There has been some controversy over Kogan’s ideals. Paul Ducklin, the head of technology for technical support firm Sophos’ Asia-Pacific region, said that the site will be just one more way for businesses to engage in libel and slander – and for the unhappy customers of various businesses to engage in that type of behavior as well. Ducklin further argued that there is no privacy policy on the site nor is there any way for people to know who is behind the information and how they obtained the information while comparing Tradeleaks to Wikileaks.

Although the site seems to be “developing,” the intent and message is clear – that Julian Assange has once again infected the general public with inspiration and courage. Well done Mr. Assange!

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