Guilty Conscience?

Bank of America has recently armed themselves with a 15 to 20 person “war room team,” that has been frantically scraping the bottom of the deepest pits of hell and flagellating their exhausted and abused computer programs for any corrupt documents and/or fatal evidence that Wikileaks may reveal.

Talk about someone having a guilty conscience!  They’ve brought in law firms and experts to help them in the case the release of the alleged earth-shattering documents expose things such as client personal information and/or illegal activity.  The bank has armed themselves with case scenarios and has exhausted any ideas as to what is going to be revealed.  The team has been rampantly running around testing case after case and talking to people who have knowledge of missing computers – documents..etc.

The suspected cables that will be released early this year are suspected to be about Bank Of America’s acquisition of Merril Lynch – and from investigations involved in that situation by the SEC.

The thing to remember is that Julian Assange is no “gold egg laying chicken.”  He doesn’t promise things without coming through on them – and apparently – corporations and banks are taking this seriously – for once.

News like this is important to Julian Assange and Wikileaks because if there is paramount damage being done by Banks within America – the same banks that got bailed out by the US government and tax payers are now paying for their mistake – their bailout, then it’s something that needs to be discussed and perhaps even done away with.  If Banks are making mistakes to the point of needing bailouts from the government – and if they are entertaining illegal activity – the citizens (of any nation) should not be obligated to pay for their criminal activity.  This is why Wikileaks and Assange are so important to citizens.  The information at times may be just gossip – but things that may be revealed about corruption and/or illegal activity will introduce a new scenario for tax payers and citizens across the globe.

Support Wikileaks and Assange so that you can ensure the truth – and know what you are paying for – and who you are voting for come the next elections!

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