Grounds To Dismiss Extradition Request

The extradition hearing has been put over to February 7-8, 2011.

Here below is the ‘Provisional Skeleton Argument on Behalf of Mr. Assange’ which sets out many reasons for having the European Arrest Warrant quashed and Julian discharged.

There is quite a list of valid complaints any one of which can result in the court dismissing Sweden’s application for extradition.


(1) The certification of the European Arrest Warrant (“EAW”): Ms. Ny is not a “judicial authority” for the purposes of the Extradition Act 2003 (as set out above);

(2) Extradition has been sought for an improper purpose, and the proceedings are an abuse of process and/or the EAW is not a Part 1 warrant for the purposes of section 2 of the Act;

(3) Additional limb of abuse of process: non-disclosure by the Swedish Prosecutor;

(4) Additional limb of abuse of process: the conduct of the prosecution in Sweden;

(5) The offences are not extradition offences (section 10 of the Act);

(6) Extraneous considerations (section 13 of the Act); and

(7) Human rights (section 21 of the Act).


Note: The file has an ‘ashx’ extension which may not open up under some situations. In that case simply change the extension to ‘pdf’ and open it using a pdf reader.

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