Global Action for Julian Assange! 80 Facts for Bob Carr!

Monday, 21 May 2012 – Somerset Bean

Global action day after the UK Supreme Court decision

Grab all 80 Facts for Bob placards at Picasa… Click on an image and choose download photo from the actions dropdown menu. Download, print, paste, share, retweet… Don’t wanna wait for the downloads? Contact me for emailed zipped files of all 80 Facts.
Use as placards, posters etc for Bring Julian Home rallies at DFAT offices, Australian embassies and consulates… wallpaper some concrete… pin on the local noticeboard… etc!


You’ll find times and locations of global rallies below.  Please note that a date has yet to be announced as they will be held on the day after the UK Supreme Court decision is announced. The rallies are taking place regardless of the outcome, as this decision is merely one step in the process of political persecution of Julian Assange.The immediate danger involves a decision in favour of extradition to Sweden. Within 10 days, Julian would be sent to Sweden to be immediately imprisoned – in solitary confinement and incommunicado. With no bail system and no time limit to detention, it’s likely he would spend up to a year in prison. This is without having been charged with any crime.

The next danger, regardless of this particular decision, involves the US seeking Julian Assange’s extradition from either Sweden or the UK. For a variety of reasons Sweden looks to be a preferable location for the US government to get their hands on their target. is an invaluable resource for further information.

Bob’s facts

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr wants facts: 
As Premier I never saw a demonstration that didn’t hurt the side that mounted it. And I was never persuaded by a noisy crowd with a few placards. A carefully mounted case with killer facts was a different proposition. 

I guess he hasn’t contemplated demonstrations with a carefully mounted case with killer facts on the placards! So far he hasn’t responded to the facts so maybe a little noise will be needed too!

Of course the facts ain’t only for Bob and the pollies. The facts will be helping defend WikiLeaks and Julian Assange wherever they’re displayed in public – on and offline. Only with overwhelming pressure from people in Australia and around the world will the Australian government be forced to deviate from their completely pro-US government stance.

Thanks so much to @AssangeC for researching the facts and @Jaraparilla for compiling them here.
See also Brisbane Times: Mother appeals to Carr

Global Rallies

Global ralliesFrom WLCentral below is a list of rallies scheduled after Julian Assange receives the verdict on his Supreme Court appeal against extradition to Sweden. These rallies are taking place regardless of the outcome. Please email any unlisted rallies, corrections, or further information to [email protected]UPDATE 2012-05-23: Julian Assange’s verdict will be handed down at 9:15AM on May 30.

Read the whole information in the Original link here:
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