From Facebook to GovLoop?

There is a lot of ruckus about Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. Many people who are against Wikileaks and Whistleblowers are attempting to find a connection between the two men in hopes of being able to take the easy road to getting Assange on American soil to be tried for allegedly violating the Espionage Act. There is little evidence that supports (to our knowledge) that claim.

Freedom of the Press has long been something that is considered paramount in today’s and yesterday’s existence. If it were not for the press, news would not reach our awareness. It is important the world citizens be able to access the news at their leisure – and that they are able to choose which source best fits their needs.

Julian Assange is a journalist and Wikileaks is a New Media Organization that supports truth. They are not interested in entertainment. The organization itself is interested in ensuring that government stay open. Regardless if there has or has not been similar organizations in the past – they are doing the world a favor. Too many times in our daily lives do we read the news on the internet or turn on the tele to watch the evening news. We read the newspapers and journals. News is everywhere and yet at times, we have found ourselves in a position of having to choose which ones are spinning facts and which ones are fairly accurate. Of course, not all media and news sources are going to be accurate.

Lately, we have been seeing a change in world governments and there has been a re-occuring theme as we once again set foot into a new era of living. We are noticing that our governments are more concerned with security than with our freedoms and at times – one cannot blame them for wanting that. Many governments will purport that in order to enjoy freedom, you have to sacrifice it a bit in order to ensure your continuing ability to exercise freedom.

The world as we know it has become a sensitive bomb. Things are being kept secret for fear of another country finding out what we are gossiping about to ally nations and at other times, we are desperately trying to communicate with allies to find out who has missiles and nuclear warheads and who does not – where they are getting it from, and who wants to kill who. There might as well be some type of facebook or twitter for governments of the world. They can add “allies” and block “enemies.” It nearly seems that is what things are coming down to. Some governmental employees throughout the world use a social network called “GovLoop” already.

The governments of the world are acting as individuals who run about gossiping about one another while reinacting the TV series “Survivor” where you have to outsmart everyone else in order to win the game – but not before you’ve betrayed someone or given someone else better face than the others. It’s a very unethical approach to politics.

As for Assange and Manning – neither have admitted to having conspired to anything. Some authorities feel that Assange had communicated with Manning and instructed him on how to obtain the cables while others believe Bradley Manning when he denies this. Bradley Manning is still (for 7 months running) in solitary confinement at Quantico.

There have been several issues revolving around the Assange/Manning situation – including an interview by Glenn Greenwald where he interviews Adrian Lamo (the “journalist” who turned Manning in who also claims that he’s an ordained minister) and essentially continues to box Lamo in – while Lamo gets defensive and begins changing topics and introducing questions of his own to Greenwald.

Regardless, it doesn’t appear that there is much of a connection between Assange and Manning with regard to conspiracy or espionage – and that issue in and of itself is a highly sensitive and debatable topic all on it’s own.

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