We have this site called “Support Julian Assange.” It is a beautiful site that recognizes a man who has fought – and is putting at risk his own life – for something that has been undergoing attack for a number of years and with more intensity every day. This something is so important, not only to you and I, but to the rest of the world for thousands of years to come. This something is called “freedom and liberty.”

America was founded upon the idea that all men are seen as equal in the eyes of the law, and all have rights that cannot be taken from them by any government. America has reniged on that promise, and strives for security at the sacrifice of liberty, while urging other nations to embrace the freedom of the America that no longer exists.

In todays world, there exists no force that compels America to take up again its tarnished gauntlet of Liberty, except men and women like Julian Assange who fight for citizens around the world in various nations and those rusty notions of Liberty.

Those men and women in the world who support Julian’s idea of truth…of freedom…and of that beloved liberty in which we all cherish deep within our hearts, are the ones that are allowing Julian and Wikileaks to continue fighting, and to stay strong. Without supporters like you and I – Julian’s idea would fade away like a sunset into the night and the world would once again be as dark as the midnight sky.

For once, a man with an idea so pungent with defiance, rose above the fear – the fear that all of us live in daily – and met the challenge that none of us will ever forget. He fought for that something that we talk about – that liberty and freedom…the very freedom that nations like the US want to shower the world with. He is fighting, not because he wants publicity…not because he wants fame. He is fighting – like you and I – so that the last free frontier, the internet, can remain free and so that the people that we must respect – the government – are worthy of receiving that respect.

If we have to support someone like Julian, then the support is not worth giving. If we support someone like Julian because we want to and because we believe in what his ideas and what they will do for the world – then we should not give support exclusively for a brief period of time (while Julian was in jail). We should want to support them through years of war. The jail time and opposing of extradition was merely a battle won. There will be more battles coming very soon and Julian will need us to support him through all of those battles as well. Him and his ideas will need support even during peacetime.

Please, help me and others in this fight to become united for this cause. Continue supporting Julian and his ideas. Wikileaks, Assange, You, and I along with the rest of the world depend on the support we are all giving for this cause because it is not only about Julian Assange. It is about the very things that impact our daily lives: freedom and liberty and a free internet.

Thank you to all who have given so much support here in the past, now, and again for in the future. You are all doing a spectacular job. Keep up the grand work!

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