Free Julian Assange

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Dear Prime Minister David Cameron,

we request that you use your influence

● so that Sweden withdraw its extradition application of Julian Assange.

● to ensure that legal proceedings in Sweden are tested independently.

● to exonerate Julian Assange with immediate effect so he can leave the Ecuadorian Embassy as a free man.

● to compensate Julian Assange for being held under house arrest and electronic ankle monitoring on British soil without charge or conviction for over 500 days.

● promote international reparation of Julian Assange because of prejudgment through politics and media.

Julian Assange is risking his own life while fighting for the truth. He is currently living as a political refugee in the Ecuadorian embassy. He fears his extradition via Sweden to the US where he would face the death penalty. The reason for this is his publication of classified material through the website Wikileaks, which damages the USA’s reputation (video ‘Collateral Murder’).
This extradition constitutes a staged process which consumes public money and wastes donated funds. This process threatens the rights and integrity of the Australian citizen and freedom fighter Julian Assange on British soil and is unprecedented in his disproportionality: the case against Assange concerns a highly questionable extradition request by Sweden regarding an accusation of criminal sexual misconduct (according to Swedish law).
Julian Assange – journalist and freedom fighter – finds support around the world of aware and dedicated people, who recognise and support this brave and revealing journalism. He is not supported by his own government.
Julian Assange, collectively with Wikileaks, defends the rights of human beings for freedom of opinion, truth and transparency and the resulting of peaceful co-existence of human beings on this unique planet.
Julian Assange has risked his own life while exemplifying true journalism, showing where legislative change is necessary and which state representatives are in service of their people and which are not. He reveals the separation between the justice system and the causes they should represent. Julian Assange tears down the mask of hate.

Julian Assange is our teacher, whom we have to protect and defend now.

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