Free Assange Now campaign

Note: We are in no relation whatsoever with Julian Assange, Wikileaks or anyone close to them. This campaign is the sole initiative of our nonprofit organization. We hope people will join this movement, as we believe this is the last chance to change Assange’s bleak fate.

A year ago the U.S. and Swedish governments declared war on the right of the people to hear the truth about what they actually do on behalf of their people – with active complicity by the Australian and UK governments and passive complicity of the European Union. That war was declared the moment a Swedish prosecutor used an EU tool, the European Arrest Warrant, against Julian Assange, founder and leader of Wikileaks. This not-for-profit organization publishes documents from whistleblowers after carefully verifying their authenticity and assessing their impact if published.

Since then Assange has been subjected to distasteful forms of character assassination, smear, calls for legal and extra-legal assassination, judicial harassment and detention. He still has to wear an electronic bracelet around his ankle 24 hours a day and show up every morning at a precise hour at a police station several miles away from his house-arrest residence. This appears to be a harassment and humiliation campaign.

Numerous condemnations of this treatment and calls for reason appear not to have deterred those after him – the ones who perpetrated crimes exposed by Wikileaks and who are still enjoying for the most part impunity and priviliges of high rank in U.S. political and corporate spheres. Denouncement has come from all sides – from a Nobel nomination to the Walkley Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism.

As Assange himself said, if the U.S. administration didn’t like the fact that Wikileaks exposed its wrongdoings, it shouldn’t have done what they exposed in the first place.

If no deterrance comes about, the fate of Assange is well known: Almost certain extradition to Sweden, where – regarding the close ties its political elite appear to maintain with the worst of U.S. political and military/industrial strongmen as well as legal and basic human rights violations that have rigged his case so far – he cannot expect much in terms of fair trial. Sweden already wants to have him tried behind closed doors.

With virtually all legal options already explored and the few left (such as appeal to the British High Court which will be reviewed by the same judges who rejected the appeal a few weeks ago), we remember what one of the world’s greatest pacifists said overcoming an entire empire: “Civil disobedience is the assertion of a right which law should give, but which it denies.” – Mahatma Gandhi

For reasons cited here and because we defend digital freedom at its most fundamental level – the right to access information and freedom of expression – we are starting a peaceful, nonviolent civil disobedience campaign toward the goal of Assange being released and he and his team be freed from prosecution and persecution of any kind by any country, political or corporate entity.

We call on our, Wikileaks’ and Julian Assange supporters to join our campaign, as well as everyone who felt shock, disbelief, shame and sadness at Assange’s treatment during this last year.

If you are not familiar with Assange’s case:
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