FoWL uniting in support for Julian Assange

Friend of WikiLeaks. Check the shirt:

Independent global FoWL (Friends of WikiLeaks) groups are joining together in order to create and maintain visibility of support for WikiLeaks- this helps keep the organisation and its work safely in the foreground.

Courage is contagious but so is fear- the attacks and smear campaigns on WikiLeaks have mystified the organisation to the point that some people worry that there is something dangerous in supporting the important work they do. Having a collective voice can counter this and will legitimize the right of individuals to be vocal in their support of WikiLeaks

To this end, FoWL now have a new blog site where we can document the support for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange that we know is out there. It’s a simple idea- just send in photos of you or someone else holding up a pledge of support and we will be seen to be watching. Check out the photos already up on the blog:

You can download a global FoWL ‘I am not afraid to make up your own mind’ pledge from here or you can send a tweet to the amazing @somersetbean who can make you a graphic for your own FoWL country. Make up your own pledge of support- you don’t need to use the ‘I am not afraid’ tag but remember that the words need to be legible from a photograph.

You can take a photo of yourself, friends, FoWL colleagues; if you support WikiLeaks and freedom of thought then you already are a FoWL! Take the pledges with you when you are demonstrating in support of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and other related and important issues and encourage the other people there to have their photo taken.

Send in a copy of your photos to: [email protected], adding a sentence about why you are supporting if you wish.

We should not respond to the language of suppression with silence. Your voice is what you have in order to be more than one individual lost in thought.

Never be afraid to make up your own  mind- be there, watching.

Make sure you sign up to and join a growing and active collective

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