Exclusive Video Interview: Journalist Helene Bergman on Assange, Sweden and the hope of Ecuador

via WACA (@akaWACA) 30/07/2012 by kazamcasrane

While Julian Assange waits to find out whether or not he will receive asylum in Ecuador, WACA thought it was time to hear from a Swedish voice. Sam Castro sat down via Skype to talk with renowned Swedish journalist and feminist Helene Bergman, who met with Julian Assange prior to him seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

In her article’s ‘Julian Assange is already condemned by Swedish State feminism‘ and ‘My Meeting with the Most Wanted Man – the Assange Case‘, Helene reveals the co-option of the feminist movement into the State apparatus and the mainstream media’s refusal in Sweden, to the read facts of Julian’s case or publish her articles, which are critical of the State and feminism in relation to Julian Assange.

Helene Bergman has been a journalist for over forty years and was a pioneer in the feminist movement in Sweden, as a host of the legendary women’s program Radio Ellen on Swedish Radio.

PART ONE: Assange, Sweden and the hope of Ecuador

PART TWO: Swedish State Feminism, the Media and the USA


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