Exclusive, lawyer Wikileaks founder: “Julian Assange is a genius”

November 14, 2011 –  Anastasia Nani

Geoffrey Robertson in dialogue with the reporter “truth”. Photo: The Truth

Geoffrey Robertson in dialogue with the reporter "truth". Photo: The Truth

Defender in the world’s most sought journalist spoke of “truth” about the importance of revolutionary database. “My client could have made millions with this site,” said defensorul, which dealt with the extradition of Julian Assange.

Truth: On November 2, Assange lost an appeal against extradition from Britain to Sweden, on charges of rape and sexual molestation. What’s next?
Geoffrey Robertson: Could really go to Sweden, where he was accused by two women for a so-called “minor rape.” Actually, I do not think there is such a notion. Laws of Sweden referring these offenses are very different, if we compare them with those from other countries. So, in Sweden could be forced to pay a fine for charges made to it. Now it’s easier for Americans to bring in Sweden, especially since the U.S. currently has a strong influence on the Swedish Government. Julian Assange is concerned. We are all worried. The real issue of who is accused of sexual molestation is that they must defend themselves in court. Many times it turns out that these people are innocent, and sometimes, as in the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, are lucky and avoiding punishment. However, Strauss-Kahn had to face many questions that arose during the process.

Is it possible that U.S. authorities have used these two women to catch easier?
I think this case was “served” by the two Swedish because they wanted to take revenge. Maybe it had a bad experience with him, but that does not mean you can accuse of rape. Extradition to Sweden puts Assange when it reaches the hands of Americans, so we are trying to avoid it. America should be proud of press freedom that has developed Assange, but not to treat him as a terrorist.

What is, in fact, WikiLeaks?
Wikileaks should be regarded as a service to humanity was the founder of this site from around the world. U.S. diplomats should feel ashamed for trying to falsely accuse Julian Assange. Nobody was shot or killed. Documents released by WikiLeaks contain important information. It is a matter of concern for countries that claim to be democratic. Published documents revealed serious issues, even high-level corruption in several countries in Europe, including Romania.

This website is revolutionary. Julian Assange has become one of the most watched people in the world. How much you know about your customer?
As much as the other (laughs – no). In the last year, I gave you some tips to follow. I know quite well. It is not a criminal, is a genius and we should encourage and protect geniuses. The main problem now is to escape the threat for the U.S. Assange. He was falsely accused of retaliation for the disclosure of diplomatic sphere. Julian and I advocate the freedom of expression.

Wikileaks founder said in the press in Britain that has not enough money to continue fighting in court.
In fact, I have not charged any fee for it. One of his problems is that money does not care or do not win. This sometimes makes it even more popular. Julian Assange could win the million. Several well-meaning people offered to pay, but the founder of Wikileaks has always been reluctant to these proposals.

Do you think this page, sought by all, is the future?
Now many are trying to take the idea and make similar pages. For example, Wall Street Journal website has tried to promote the WikiLeaks documents. Basically, Julian Assange created a flow of information documents, but also protects the identity of those who submitted papers. I think that some defendants were forced in some ways, especially since as a rule, justice is correct Swedish.

You are known as a defender of the press. In 2011, the world has about 100 journalists were killed. It’s a pretty big number. Why journalists die? Because of incorrect decisions in the newsroom or recklessly?
In fact, the biggest problem lies in some gaps in legislation. A mistake has slipped when it was adopted the Geneva Convention (1949, on the treatment of civilians – no). Organizations like the Red Cross warned that civilian journalists and others and do not enjoy special protection. But they are not killed because they are civilians, but because they are journalists. It is a great crime to kill a journalist and a cameraman. They have a vital role in a war that inform the world about the dangers there. In addition, it should be clear that the assassination of a journalist is a war crime. Responsible for the death of a journalist should be brought before an international court for war crimes.

Why are “hunted”?
Journalists are followed for the information they obtain while doing his job. It is important to support independent observers. In any armed conflict are journalists, cameras, human rights observers.

Can they occur in hot spots such as Libya or Iraq, where they lost their lives most reporters? Whether by war or violent protests, newsrooms should adequately equip correspondents when they send the field, but journalists should take risks. Every precaution should be able to save lives and reduce the large number of those killed.

Several have offered to pay pretty well, but Assange was reluctant.

Julian was falsely accused of retaliation for the disclosure of diplomatic sphere.
Geoffrey Robertson, a lawyer

About Stalin, democracy and Moldovan

Know more about the former Soviet countries. In some, even you have dealt with certain cases. In your opinion, what path we should grasp these states?
Every country that broke away from the Soviet empire is moving towards democracy, but Winston Churchill described democracy as the worst form of government ever invented. Britain took 400 years to reach the stage where we can say that democracy is a good level. U.S. took 200 years and still have problems. Sure, Moldova will need more time to bring institutions at an appropriate level. Unfortunately, corruption and promote democracy leads many to follow the instinct of greed.

… Especially when it comes to a country at the beginning of path, such as Moldova. 20 years is not so much, right?
True. Must change several generations and then we can talk about bringing in a normal state of public institutions. You need a tax system in place to allow businesses to grow healthy.

Many believe further that important decisions must be taken to Moscow.
That is the great problem of ex-Soviet countries. Take the example of Belarus, which is a true tyranny. On the other hand, Georgia, the nearest Western evolved. In fact, Stalin would be proud today of overzealous judges Georgians.

Moldova in the WikiLeaks documents

Julian Assange became known throughout the world due to Wikileaks. The information on this site have raised several scandals, especially after the mails were published secret American diplomacy. And officials in our name have appeared in these documents. According to a telegram, in 2009 the Communists had proposed Democrat Marian Lupu $ 10 million to form a center-left coalition. Another document says that a delegation of the Moldovan government accuses Turkish police cooperation with human trafficking during a visit to Turkey since 2004.

Assange was arrested by British police in December 2010 on charges of rape and sexual molestation. He was released on a bail of 200,000 pounds. In February, London magistrates decided Assange’s extradition, but his lawyers have triggered a complex procedure call.

Geoffrey Robertson
Profession: Lawyer famous academician, TV presenter

Age: 65 years

In 1973 the lawyer’s license

In 1981 he hosted a TV show in Australia “by Geoffrey Robertson assumptions”
Counsel becomes Queen 1988

1990 he founded the office of lawyers “Doughty Street Chambers’, whose president is so far

2002-2007 Judge Special Court for Sierra Leone UN

Geoffrey Robertson has appeared numerous times before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, but also in other courts around the world. The lawyer became famous after she appeared several media outlets, such as Oz, Gay News, The Guardian etc. Robertson’s name has appeared in several cases related to human rights violations in Vietnam, Venda, South Africa. The defender was threatened by the terrorists when it was occupied by novelist Salman Rushdie case. Holds the citizenship of Australia and Great Britain.


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