Exclusive Interview With WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange-Part 1

Julian Assange, the controversial founder of WikiLeaks, speaks to Steve Kroft about the U.S. attempt to indict him on criminal charges and the torrent of criticism aimed at him for publishing classified documents

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview With WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange-Part 1

  1. I saw both parts one and two, it was a good interview. I’m so sorry to hear about the death threats against JA and his team. It reminds me of a book I read, ‘The Republic’ by Plato, in this book he alludes to the analogy of the cave: http://www.philosophypages.com/hy/2h.htm “Suppose that there is a group …”

    http://www.age-of-the-sage.org/greek/philosopher/myth_allegory_cave_plato.html ‘”…And if anyone endeavoured to set them free and carry them to the light [knowledge], would they not go so far as to put him to death, if they could only manage to get him into their power?”

    This passage has been my bible for many years and has helped me through difficult times.

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