Ecuadorian activists rap UK’s handling of Julian Assange

Ecuadorians have demonstrated outside the British embassy in Quito in order to show their anger against Britain concerning its role in the ongoing row over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Ecuadorians rally against the UK’s handling of Julian Assange outside the British embassy in Quito.

On Sunday August 26, Ecuadorian campaigners marched in support of Assange, who is currently holed up in the South American country’s diplomatic mission in the UK capital after being denied safe passage by the British government.

Chanting slogans such as, “Assange, amigo, Ecuador esta contigo,” which means, “Assange, friend, Ecuador is with you” in the center of the Ecuadorian capital city, demonstrators spray-painted a sign reading, “Death to imperialism”.

“Great Britain has to respect other countries, big or small…. We’re living in an epoch of civilization where everyone must respect human rights,” said Ivan Sanchez, an Ecuadorian citizen.

Earlier on August 20, hundreds of Ecuadorian activists marched at the capital Quito’s main square in support of the South American country’s decision to grant political asylum to Julian Assange.

On Thursday August 16, Ecuador granted political asylum to the WikiLeaks founder, triggering a diplomatic row with London, which vowed to arrest him the moment he stepped out of the sanctuary, and insisted it would still move to extradite him to Sweden to face questioning over the sex assault claims.

It is believed that Assange’s extradition to the North European country is a cover for sending him to the US, where he is wanted over the WikiLeaks revelation of the US diplomatic cables, which created massive embarrassment for Washington in 2010.

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