Die Welt attempts to “Break the Wikileaks Cartel”

In an online editorial published today, Germany’s Die Welt Online writes:

“Up until now, only a few newspapers and magazines have been allowed to release a small percentage of selected cables under the supervision of Wikileaks boss Julian Assange. This cartel is now broken. Die Welt Online, thru the Norwegian paper Aftenposten, now has unimpeded access to all cables, without restrictions.”

“Aftenposten received access to all of the cables in the middle of december last year. Die Welt Online will now sift through the cables without being bound to the approval of Wikileaks, and the stories that result will be handled under the same research criteria and ethical guidelines as the rest of our stories.”

“The material will be treated as “source material”, and the editors of Die Welt Online will decide what is interesting, and what can be released under the standards of security or privacy concerns.”

Source: http://wlcentral.org/node/963

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2 thoughts on “Die Welt attempts to “Break the Wikileaks Cartel”

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  2. There can be no more propaganda expressing Julian Assange’s ‘tight grip’ over the cable releases. There are now atleast two organisations which do not follow any guidelines set out, and the responsibility is now shared – this editorial publicly states that.

    Here is the english google translation of the editorial>


    One word of warning though, Die Welt appear to be downgrading the importance of the cables in general, and Assange’s release of them, in various articles they have published online today. (search ‘wikileaks’ on welt.de). They appear to have some sort of an agenda, possibly to make them appear to be unimportant, and ‘nothing new’.

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