Democratic Oppression Regime

Tunisia has been under the rule of Ben Ali since the 1980’s.  Since he’s been in “office,” there have been some striking things happen in Tunisia.  The unemployment rates are now (and have been) steadily declining for the past two years.  In the past two weeks, people have just had enough and protests began.

Two men allegedly committed “suicide protests” in front of the Capital in Tunis.  And to make things worse – the country’s leader has founded his principles on anti-media schemes.  Along with the recent protesting, there has been a media black out by the Tunisian palace and when citizens attempted to spread the word about what has been going on there on social networks such as facebook and twitter, email and other sites – the Tunisian palace took up the task of hacking their email accounts and facebook/twitter accounts replacing some citizen’s avatars with pirate ships..etc.  The palace has blocked internet access to Tunisian citizens that have anything to do with Wikileaks or anything associated with Wikileaks.

A group called “Anonymous” has began attacking the Tunisian palace’s computer system and reports have said that they were successful at least once in suspending and/or taking the computer system down temporarily.  They have also sent a letter to the Western Media/journalists and to Tunisian Citizens themselves.  They ask why Western Media is turning a blind eye to these recent events and told Tunisian citizens that they have the freedom to spread information and to read about information freely on the internet.  A clear message was sent showing them that Anonymous is fighting for their freedoms.

The US has a 200 long history that is nothing but positive with Tunisia save for some squabbles over Iranian policy and strategy.  Nevertheless, the Tunisia situation has not been reported in any US media nor has it been reported in any notable UK media until today.  No action has been taken to ensure that the Tunisian citizens are given human rights.

In the upcoming elections of 2014, the US has stated that they are “concerned.”  That’s about the extent of help that Tunisia has been given.  It is important that Tunisian citizens be able to access sites having to do with Wikileaks because the information is pertentent to their being able to vote – while knowing the truth.  One cannot vote unless they have the facts and if the media and other websites are being censored – the citizens cannot vote in a way that will allow them the ability to truthfully speak up about who they want in office and what they want done with their country.

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