David Hicks, GITMO Torture and the fate of Julian Assange – The Justice Campaign

19/oct/2012 da

WACA (Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance) sat down with Aloysia Brooks, the founder of The Justice Campaign to talk about David Hicks, GITMO Torture and the potential fate of Julian Assange, if extradited to the USA.

Aloysia is a human rights and social justice advocate who campaigns for the promotion and protection of human rights in the increased security environment. Aloysia’s background is working with survivors of torture and trauma, and working for human rights advocacy organisations, including Amnesty International Australia. Aloysia currently works as a lecturer and is writing her PhD that explores the way in which governments and the media inhibit outrage when allegations of torture surface in Australia. Aloysia completed a Masters of Human Rights at the University of Sydney in 2008. Aloysia is the founder of The Justice Campaign which calls on the Australian government to enact federal human rights legislation, and advocates for justice for former Guantanamo Bay detainees.

To find out more about David Hicks visit www.thejusticecampaign.org
To get involved in the Wikileaks and Assange support campaign visit www.waca.net.au

To do your own research visit – www.wikileaks.org


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