Credit card corporations blockade on Wikileaks deemed illegal – Greens welcome court ruling

13 Jul 2012 | Scott Ludlam

The Australian Greens welcomed the decision by the Reykjavik District Court that credit card holders should not be prevented from donating funds to Wikileaks.

“Credit card companies here have trampled the right of Australians to donate to a legal organisation engaged in legal activities,” said the Greens communications spokesperson, Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam.

“Both MasterCard and Visa imposed a blockade on Wikileaks on the same day – December 7th, 2010. It’s arguable that this constitutes cartel-like behaviour.

“As a MasterCard holder I have questioned the legal basis upon which the company has taken this action given that Wikileaks has not been charged with any crime in any jurisdiction, yet still I am prevented from donating and my correspondence goes unanswered.

“The Icelandic court ruling against Valitor, the company that handles Visa and MasterCard payments in Iceland – where WikiLeaks is based, bodes well for the European Commission anti-trust complaint and investigation into the banking blockade of the publishing website.

“It follows that Visa and MasterCard are doing the wrong thing in Australia too. I call on the Treasurer and the Reserve Bank to prevent unnecessary court action here against this misuse of market power by acting now to reinstate the rights of Australians to donate to whom they please.”

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