Court Recap

From Chan4:
Rejecting her submissions and ordering conditional bail, the judge described how, shortly after he arrived in the UK from Sweden, Assange had been aware that the allegations against him in Sweden were still live.
He had made arrangements for his solicitors to be his point of contact with the Metropolitan Police so that, in the event of a search warrant being issued, the police would not have to search for him.
The judge said: “That is not the conduct of a person who is seeking to evade justice.”

Gemma Lindfield, appearing for the Swedish authorities, told the judge there was “a real risk” that Assange would abscond if granted bail.
Ms Lindfield said there were “strong reasons” to believe he would fail to attend court for the full duration of the extradition hearing and to surrender to police if extradition was ordered.

From The Guardian:

1.55pm: The Swedish authorities will have to pay costs, according to Vaughan Smith. In this audio he also claims today’s judgment has vindicated Assange.

1.49pm: Luke Harding has been talking to John Pilger and Vaughan Smith. Pilger told him he’s concerned that Assange will be extradited to the US. Smith said there was no danger that Assange would flee from his country estate, as he can’t read a map.

Asked about when Assange will be released, Mark Stephens told Vikram: “It’s going to be a problem.” The trouble concerns getting Assange’s bail sponsors to police stations today so they can sign surety documents.

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