Corporate America is Not Above the People

It seems as though several corporate American CEO’s are willing to bite the bullet and submit to a gamble that might cost them dearly in the long run.  The battle over Wikileaks rages on and with every forged attempt to try and take it down, the public screams.

Most recent in the front lines of the battle to take Wikileaks down is The Bank of America.  Following suit like dominoes falling in cadence-like suit – The Bank of America has pulled it’s clients ability to support Wikileaks using their institution as a means to pass financial help along.

There looms the most certain of messages coming from Corporate America’s tethers – that they will not support the citizens of the world, rather, they will support the governments of the world who wish to support censorship and to avoid being embarrassed again.

So what exactly is this message supposed to say to the citizens who depend on companies such as Mastercard and Visa – Bank of America and other financial institutions?  It would seem that the message is clear:  we don’t want your business any longer and we don’t support your individual choice to support organizations that you feel are worthy of support.

That is the message they are sending to their clients.  There is no other message being sent.  When a financial institution such as Mastercard, Visa, and now Bank of America choose to “take sides” so to speak, they are sending their clients a message and one of great concern, seeing as how big they are, they might feel that they cannot fall.  The old saying however goes, “The Bigger You Are, The Harder You Fall.”

So what does this mean for the future of banking and digital currency?  Will there be another company that comes in to save the day?  Will there be another company rising to take the challenge of Corporate America and her government over honesty and the gradually rising of power to the people?

One thing is for sure:  There is a battle and we are at war. We are not at war for oil.  We are not at war over money.  We are at war to defend our individual sovereignty.  Corporate America shouldn’t have sovereignty in a nation that no longer supports a free market.  The free market is no longer controlled by the people.. it has become controlled by the governments and it’s time for that to be restored to the people.  The people are the consumers. The people are mature enough to ensure that they are supporting who they wish to support via the free market system.  Bank of America, Mastercard, and Visa should reserve no right to inhibit free citizens from supporting who they wish – unless they wish to fall.  And the people…have the power to make that happen.

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