Commemorating 2 years of Julian Assange’s confinement, without charge

December 7th 2012 marks the 2nd anniversary of Julian Assange’s confinement without charge. We were looking for a place to screen “Collateral Murder”, the Wikileaks film that revealed civilians being massacred by an Apache helicopter.

The Crown, the Roo and the Big Guns, a metaphor for the Coalition of the Willing.
We overlay on that union the WikiLeaks film ‘Collateral Murder’; in hope that the voices of the unwilling may be heard. In memory of the countless civilians who also die in war; may they rest in peace.

our soldiers don’t sacrifice for duty, honour, country
they sacrifice for Kellogg, Brown and Root
they’re not defending our freedoms
they’re laying the foundation for fourteen permanent military bases
to defend the freedoms of Exxon Mobile and British Petroleum
they’re not establishing a democracy
they’re establishing the basis for an economic occupation
to continue after the military occupation has ended

Dahlia Wasfi on the War in Iraq

Our servicemen and women, like Bradley Manning, may not have suspected they could be party to war crimes when enlisting. Openness and truth is vital in making informed choices. No Government should put a soldier’s life in danger for a lie. No civilian’s life is expendable or collateral damage.

“If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth.”
Julian Assange, Editor-in-Chief, Wikileaks

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