Christine Assange: Little Known facts About Julian Assange

Via: Christine Assange – Thu, 12 Jul 2012

Subject: Little Known facts About Julian Assange

Little known Facts,Issues & Players in the Extradition of Julian Assange

(1)LEGAL&DIPLOMATIC  BRIEFINGS to Australian MPs on Julian Assange.Canberra x Bench Meeting,March 2nd 2011.- Concise, factual account of the Swedish police investigation & prosecution,the Swedish political environment, Wikileaks exposes & the sex allegations. –  & 1414

(2) DATA BASE 4 JOURNALISTS of facts,issues,court documents & rescources including a list of experts willing to be interviewed-

(3)OPEN LETTER to the AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE from CHRISTINE ASSANGE – (Written as simple factual intro/overview+issues & links )

(4)DETAILED FACTUAL CHRONOLOGY of the Swedish investigation & prosecution, including intersecting  political events & players –

NB-My open letter was done under time constraints,while jet lagged, just before Supreme Court Decision.*** It is being edited & updated shortly.

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