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Cableweek is a re-occurring, week-long global effort to analyse all Wikileaks material and raise awareness through the posting of new or obscure information.

About Cableweek

Written on December 7, 2012 at 12:01 am by Katie

Mission: To shine light on WikiLeaks releases. To use the information provided by WikiLeaks to raise awarenes about key issues facing our world.

: To create a better world through the continuous and repetitive dissemination of important information.

Values: Truth. Freedom. Respect. Freedom of Expression. Freedom from Repression. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Internet. Freedom of Information.

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The Cableweek Nov. 2012 initiative:

Nov. 2010 –  Wikileaks released the first batch of embassy cables

Written on October 15, 2012 at 1:10 am by Votepedia

Two years later – Julian Assange is trapped in an Ecuadorean embassy in the UK.  Bradley Manning has been detained for over 870 days and we still have yet to fully discover what is contained in the cables.


Help promote freedom.Cableweek is a week-long, re-occurring global effort to further analyse Wikileaks releases.  Cableweek is not exclusive to Cablegate.  Wikileaks supporters will also analyse data from:

-The Afghan War Logs
-Global Intelligence Files
-The Spy Files
-The Syria Files
-The WikiLeaks Archive

Spread mainstream awareness

Wikileaks has a strong following.  Even with that following, much of Wikileaks goes unheard.  Without mainstream media reporting the leaked material it is hard to reach the more “mainstream” society.  Cablegate is about building awareness about Wikileaks mission and accomplishments.  Let the world know about the good, the bad and the ugly that is going on behind closed doors.

Cablegate is a week to preach government transparency and accountability. It is a week to let the world’s governments know that the people are listening.

Example: #Cableweek:Chinese Human Rights Lawyers are refused liscence renewal in China due to their work on human rights cases:

Between November 28 and December 5, Cableweek participants will:

Communicate using twitter, facebook, e-mail, etc. to spread awareness about injustices exposed in material released by WikiLeaks
Tweet headlines from the documents exposing new information, including the url to that document, and the hashtags #Cableweek and #WLSup
Facebook headlines from the documents exposing new information, including the url to that document, and sharing with friends
Be creative. Develop new ways of spreading this information and share them.
Most importantly, develop community. Cableweek will be a reoccurring phenomenon and will not stop at December 5th. Visit our Facebook page to find out how you can join and keep in touch with our international community.

Learn more about Cableweek

To connect with us and keep up with breaking Cableweek news; join our Facebook group and follow our blog.  You may also contact us directly.  Contact information found on the Contact Us page.

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