Buccaneering Adventures

There are a few people out there who have given Julian Assange the title of “Buccaneer for Free Speech.”  In The Guardian yesterday, he was held as a buccaneer against the left-wing oppression of free speech.  He was given the title of hero in a certain aspect because he is the freedom fighter for the people who don’t have a voice – such as those in Hungry and Tunisia – and other places in the world that have to fight for the right to be free citizens who have a voice.

Along with various other nicknames – Assange has been called “Robin Hood” and a “Terrorist.”  Nevertheless, and regardless of what names people choose to throw at him (good and bad) he is doing something right for the world.  There should be no country on this Earth that oppresses the media.  The media is a spread of information and facts so that the general public can be aware and informed.  Without that innate ability (the ability to obtain information and knowledge) the general public will be led down the plank of the pirate’s ship to their death.  There is a very important meaning behind why media is allowed and why it should be continued.  Assange fights for that very notion.

Wikileaks had published several “logs” before they released the most recent US Embassy Cables.  Wikileaks was a trinket in the beginning where people could gossip and chuckle at governments “cute” little mistakes but recently has become one of the largest impacts there has been in history – one that has caused heads to roll in world governments and citizens to become so angry that things are finally being done about corruption instead of just anger behind closed doors.

So long as Julian and Wikileaks continue to show the public that they are all about opening governmnets – much like a doctor opening someone’s gangrene leg to let the puss out – the public will continue to be informed and without that armament – we cannot encourage any change within our individual and respective governments.  It may sound infantile, but Governments across the world too need guidance and sometimes they get so wrapped up in the drama of politics, that they lose sight of where they should be going and what they should be doing – according to what their citizens want.

Buccaneering adventure or not – Julian Assange is fighting for your freedom and if you oppose him – then you oppose your own freedom.  He is one of the few and rare that took a step forward and did something about it rather than running in place foaming at the mouth at what governments were doing.  Doing the world a favor and putting your life on the line is no easy task nor is it one that should be chastised.  Support Julian Assange and support your own freedom – open your government and take a stand.  It’s time for change.

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