Breathing a Sigh of Relief, for a Moment in Time.

It isn’t everday that the entire world turns on the tele or gets on the internet out of their normal schedules to see someone go to court on a criminally natured appeal.

Today, the world held it’s breath as Julian Assange awaited the judge’s decision.  As if it were the fourth of July in America – there was a uproar of applause coming from all corners of the world as Julian was granted bail.  As the celebrating went on, blurbs of his conditioned bail were put forth and there was some snivveling, but all seemed to be working out quite nicely.  And then, the bomb dropped.

Sweden, moving with swift vengence opposed the bail.  They will have 48 hours to bring forth evidence against Julian Assange for the crimes of rape..etc.  The cheers and celebrating stopped at that moment and there was a dead silence closing in on the world.  Many of us are completely baffled while others are raging with morbid anger.  Others think that this has been a plan of Assange all along.  A general confusion and anxiety has rustled the branches of the world tree.

So we sit and we wait.  What is the next chapter for Mr. Julian Assange?  We will find out in less than 48 hours – and we wait.

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