Brazilians interview Julian Assange

Julian Assange online interview based on questions from Brazilians internet users was published by many Brazilian bloggers, incliding Natalia Viana. The Google translation of the selected questions and answers is here.

Extracts from the nterview

How do you define what should be given a secret?

We always hear that question.  But it is better to reformulate as follows: “who should be compelled by a State to hide certain information from the rest of the population?”

Do you consider yourself a leftist?

I see that there are good people on both sides of politics and there are definitely bad people on both sides.  I usually look for good people and work for a common cause.

Hollywood announced that it will make a movie about his journey. What is your opinion on this?

Hollywood can produce many films on the WikiLeaks as nearly a dozen books are to be published.  I’m not involved in any film production at the moment.

But if we sell the production rights, I demand that my role is done by Will Smith.  Our spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson would be played by Samuel L Jackson, and my lovely assistant for Halle Berry. And the movie could be called “WikiLeaks Film Noire.”

Nailed it :))

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