Belief, Filter of the Senses

We experience the world in our minds. The information, that is used to assemble that world, comes through the channel of our senses. Our beliefs influence the information we receive and the way we process it.

This then leads us, if we wish to see the world in as clear and objective way as possible, to the necessity of clearing out the belief system of any inaccuracies.

What is the belief system and what is it for?

The belief system is in place as a shortcut in processing information. It’s the TV dinner of cognition. Just heat and serve, all the hard work has already been done.It is akin to reflex and instinct. It is there to speed up the processing of data and adds some consistency to output. The belief system provides a whole series of preconceived scenarios that can be utilized, when deemed applicable, instead of processing the data on it’s merits. There is also the function of aligning ones thought processes with the group one is associated with.
We can see from this that it is a useful adjunct to normal cognition, however, it’s nature of circumventing true cognition is where the dangers lie.
If the belief system is constantly adjusted to the perceived circumstances of reality, then it is a useful tool, but frequently it is used as a lazy abrogation of the need to actually think about the true nature of reality and the interplay of the varying elements.
The willing acceptance of authority’s pronouncements into our belief system, lends itself to manipulation and abuse by those authorities.
As previously analysed in “The Pathology of the Belief System” there are numerous internally consistent (mostly) constructs of belief “infecting” the population. The most powerful, in their ability to warp perception, are the religions. These take the natural wonder of reality and our relation to it, and, to varying degrees, subvert it to thought control for the benefit of the hierarchy of the religion. The isms of political thought are of a similar nature, and are often co infective with the religious.

Whilst we accept belief systems without rigorous analysis and suitable modifications, we are immersed in an illusion and are not able to accurately process available information. We behave in irrational fashions. We may even descend into active hate and violence, a true outward sign of delusion.
Garbage in, garbage out.

Free your mind.

Choose Happiness !!

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