Awaiting Moderation

The following was entered into the comments section of a blog operated by a radical feminist, and is presently awaiting moderation. I am not hopeful that my contribution will pass muster; given all the distorted material found prominently displayed on that blog, and so I decided to publish here instead.

“The only rape charge brought against Julian Assange came about as Ms. W changed her story to say that she was asleep whereas she texted a girlfriend prior to that that she had been ‘half asleep’. The case was originally dropped because Ms. W wasn’t asleep and the sex was consensual. The first prosecutor erred in claiming that consensual sex apart from a requested condom was rape. [Improper, yes, where such is desired, but not rape.] The second prosecutor falsely maintained that there was new evidence; she accepting the second contradictory ‘asleep’ claim to thereby reopen the case. Consensual sex does not become rape because the male doesn’t perform as expected. Both women originally maintained that the sex was consensual; and so there never was any rape; this is all about twisting the law to make failure to practice ‘safe sex’ into a heinous crime; by falsely calling such ‘rape’. Outrageous!”

Will keep you updated; and in the unlikely event that the truth is able to penetrate their ‘misandrist defense shield’ I will let you know. It is a grievous affront to real rape victims to conflate impropriety with regard to ‘safe sex’ with violent crimes against women. Justice in Sweden is being corrupted!

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2 thoughts on “Awaiting Moderation

  1. It is also a slap in the face to all real raped women.
    it seems that it spreads like a disease…now this Mark Kennedy case (female activist who had sex with undercover police agent MK feels “violated”)…what is going on? too much Coca Cola destroys brain center for male-female relationships? or what? I am from Balkan, maybe I just do not understand.
    this madness must be stop. This is exploitation of women’s rights and led in the wrong direction.

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