Attacking the Wrong Thing

Instead of going after the crimes that have been exposed, authorities are going after the ones that have exposed the crimes instead.  The general tone of most authorities is that the general public does not need to know these types of things – things such as:

The gunning down of innocent civilians and Reuters journalists

Iraqi security forces burning, beating, electrocuting, and raping helpless prisoners

66,000 civilians that were killed in Iraq

Clinton ordering for people to spy on UN officials

Obama Killing the Bush Torture Probe

US pressuring German to not prosecute CIA officers for Torture and Rendition

Germany caving in to US pressure

Yemeni President lying about US strikes

US Shipping arms to Saudi Arabia and then lying about it

India torturing Kashmir

UK training Bangladesh “Death Squad”

UK shielding the US with regard to Iraq probe

Pope refusing to cooperate in sexual abuse investigation

China behind Google hack

US plants spys in Pakistani military

US continues in Afghanistan even while knowing it’s not going to end well.

US knows that we are losing in Afghanistan and doesn’t pull out – endangering civilians, military, and other

This…along with many more is just a small glimpse at how our world governments care not for justice or upholding the law.  It seems that perhaps the only ones that can be convicted of a crime are those who are not in positions of authority.

At what point will we begin holding our governments responsible and accountable for these illegal actions and stop ruminating on the people exposing them (wikileaks)?  At what point is enough enough?

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