At The End Of The Day, He’s Just A Man….With A Cause

Julian Assange has been called a hero, a leader, a hacker, a genius, a god, demi-god,…etc.  The focus has drastically shifted from his cause, to him – thanks to Sweden and some media sources.

Julian is not a god.  He is not even a demi-god.  He is a man who puts his pants on one leg at a time – just like you and I.  If you are reading this site, then you are more than likely here to support him.  If you are supporting him, then you too, are a hero.  You are a hero to your children, for it is they who will be reaping the benefits of what is happening with Julian and Wikileaks.  You are a hero to your community because it is you who are supporting their right to truth, their right to freedom and liberty, and their right to transparency via the government.

You are a hero, just like Julian and he would support you just the same if you had come up with a cause similar to what his cause is.  It isn’t about putting Julian on a pedestal.  He doesn’t want to be on a pedestal.  He wants his cause to be on that mantel and first priority in every freedom lovers life.

We have moved into a digital age where there is no more “off the grid-ness.”  We are just as much alive inside cyberspace as we are out in the physical world.  If someone was attacking your rights in the physical world towards you being able to have an opinion, would you be supporting the cause against the attack on your rights?

Life is about the free internet currently.  Everything is going digital and online.  There is good reason for this as well.  The internet is the last free frontier there is.  Even people living in the United States who have purchased and own their own land can have it taken away from them at the signing of a piece of paper by their state and federal governments.  Nothing…is free in this life except the internet.  Now, we are waging war against those who would support having our last freedom taken from us – freedom of expression via the internet by Wikileaks and organizations to come just like them.

What is a person to do when they are faced with such a challenge?  Julian Assange stood up and started the war.  He may be a hero and he may have changed the world, but he also supports you who support his cause.  It’s a give and take relationship.  The cause is what people need to keep focus on.  Without the cause, Julian is nothing more than a man who has been charged in Sweden with sex crime activity.  Support Julian’s cause and support him – but support him because you believe in his cause, not because you think he’s a god…sexy…wealthy…public.  Do it for the right reasons and don’t forget that at the end of the day – he is a man, and only a man…with an important cause.

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One thought on “At The End Of The Day, He’s Just A Man….With A Cause

  1. Supporting him we support our selves. We presume, but he is the man who dares to speak aloud, fluently and point a finger. Dares to tell the truth, reveal obscure acts and words. Believing in him and what he and Wikileaks are stand for, we support our own selves. They bring us back to fundamental human values like moral, decency, humanity, and care for others…
    Struggling in our everyday lives we forgot that some bigger battles are conducted, in our names, by people with no principles and no consideration. They are our employees and we have every right to know the truth.
    Personally, giving support to Assange and everything he represent, I feel like a citizen of the world. Feel good. And deep down, I instinctively know I’m right. Being a part of big group of supporters, who values humanity the same way, makes me feel like I’m helping all the unfortunate people all over the world, people around me, families of all killed and missing journalists in all oppressive regimes. I’m helping myself.
    And that is something that didn’t move me in such way for a long time. One man suffers helping all of us. And that is why he has my undivided support.

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