Assange Writes for Rights

Thomas Hobbes, the English philosopher, made himself the shill of Absolutist Monarchism. His premise is that humans cannot guarantee their rights, so they should simply assign their rights to a monarch who can protect them-if the monarch feels so disposed. This thought causes me to struggle to keep bile from rising too high in my esophagus. The only way to guarantee our rights is as citizens to hold maximum power. We ourselves must stand ready to defend our rights and to preserve our liberty in order to defend our rights.

One of the ways in America this was theoretically possible is by the individual owning guns and having the means for self-defense. This worked well when both the citizens and the government possessed the same capacity to field arms of similar firepower. The strength of the common citizen held the potential over reaching of government in check. However, citizens of today cannot possibly bring to a battlefield the same arms that the Federal Government can. We are no match for laser guided missiles, smart bombs, night vision goggles, infra-red sensors, F-8’s and A-6 Intruders. This means, of course, that we stand once again in the shadow of Hobbes ideals. And again, I must struggle to keep bile from rising too high in my esophagus.

The last defense we as ordinary citizens have to preserve our liberty and to protect ourselves is the free flow of information. Using the free flow of information, we are able to ensure that what we are being told is the truth, and react appropriately when we discover that we aren’t getting the truth. Of course, if the powers that be control a given nations dominant media, we do not have the free flow of information. Instead, we have tyranny. It is Tyranny that we as armed citizens of yester year were to fight. We now stand impotent in that regard.

Assange and others like him strive to maintain the free flow of information, so that we may continue to oppose Tyranny. To no ones surprise, the powers that be wish to silence Assange. To be successful will mean that there remains no hope for our liberty and individual rights. To defend one right is to defend all rights. To rephrase this, to attack one right is to attack all rights. One mans right to publish truth is being threatened. Thus, are ALL of our rights-around the world-being threatened.

Anyone then, that doesn’t support Assange in anyway possible, is simply attacking their own right to live. I cannot fathom that we would have so many suicidal humans around the world.

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