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Jan 26 2012 – Veterans for Peace by horne3754sg

Julian Assange will appear before the supreme court on the 1st february 2012.

Join Veterans for Peace and some members of occupy london at the Supreme court on Wednesday and thursday morning at 0830hrs to stand side by side with Assange.

Lets send a message to the US government that any attempt of a rendition order will not go unnoticed. The mainstream media may have done a good job at character assassination, but like many we choose to stand by his side and oppose the unusual zeal surrounding the case.

If Assange looses his case, he will then be extradited to Sweden where he will be imprisoned until the end of the trial. This will make it impossible for him to escape in the event that the US issues an order for an extraordinary rendition to the United states where he will face no trial and be imprisoned as a terrorists for his activities with Wikileaks.

Women against Rape have stated concerns at the unusual zeal in which the case is being pursued.

For reference, the following is the full quote from Women Against Rape on the issue: “The rape allegations against Julian Assange have become entangled with the politics centred on WikiLeaks. In the last few months this has led to the publication on the internet of the names of the women involved, and to a call for women who report rape to lose their anonymity. Rape victims’ right to anonymity and defendants’ right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, are both crucial. We oppose the use of rape for political agendas which undermine protection and justice for both rape victim and accused. We are appalled that rape allegations may be manipulated to facilitate Mr Assange’s extradition or even rendition to the US were elected officials have called for his execution for his Wikileaks activities. WAR cannot ignore this threat. We oppose the death penalty for any crime, let alone when no charges have been brought.

The full link can be found here.

Extraordinary Rendition (or irregular rendition) is the abduction and illegal transfer of a person from one nation to another.

“Torture by proxy” is used by some critics to describe situations in which the United States and the United Kingdom have transferred suspected terrorists to other countries in order to torture the suspect beyond the legal protection of the first country.Critics have argued that “ghost detainees“, “secret prisoners”, and references to “detainees in black sites” amount to little more than “enforced disappearances” by the United States under international human rights law.

The Full article can be read here

Mainstream media successfully completed a character assassination on Julian Assange who has done nothing more that open up governments and expose illegal activities. Of course  this has angered many in the US to the point where some have asked for the execution of Julian Assange. Like Bradley Manning, the only crime he has committed, is not releasing more.

We know that our governments, corporations and financial institutions pursue war and seek to sustain it in one form or another as it is deemed to be the most profitable industry in the world. The military industrial complex ( full name; The military political industrial complex) seeks only to profit at the expense of human life and destruction to the environment. They use mainstream media as a tool to send positive messages back home to us so that we will not question their activities, and when we don’t question them, they can continue unhindered in their operations.

So join us on February the 1st adn 2nd at 08:30hrs and show them that we are not afraid to speak out, we are not afraid to stand up and challenge their illegal and dangerous activities which they carry out in our name.


Matthew Horne

Veterans for Peace UK

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