Assange & sexual assault allegations: has the case been fatally undermined?

June 9, 2012


Julian Assange’s legal team have until June 13 to challenge the UK Supreme Court’s decision on his extradition to Sweden where he is to be questioned about sex assault allegations. Here you can download a Q and A on what would happen if he is extradited. Here, also, is an article by Lizzie O’Shea and Jen Robinson on the European Arrest Warrant system. Here is a letter from the Newcastle Trades Hall council to the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, re the lack of consular assistance afforded Mr. Assange. And here is a recent interview with Julian Assange on these matters via an interview by the Australian radio programme, Late Night Live.

In the meantime, we should not discount the argument that the entire case has been invalidated by the widespread publication by third parties of legal documents in Sweden and elsewhere, contrary to due legal process. These documents – and the names of the two complainants – have been in the public domain for some time. Some are listed below, including statements from the two complainants, from witnesses and from Mr. Assange, as well as the actual arrest warrant served. There has also been the ongoing political interference from Sweden and the almost continuous media commentary, as well as documented leaks from the Swedish police and the prosecution service there.


In short, this case is probably the most leaked in modern legal history, equally harming and prejudicing the defence and prosecution. It would not be illogical, therefore, if legal challenge from either side were instigated re. its veracity in its present course.

A summary of arguments from Wikileaks Central in support of Mr. Assange can be found here and here. Here, too, is an article from Goran Rudling that includes extensive commentaries on the testimonies, statements and witness statements listed below. Also, the infamous deleted Bloggy ‘tweets’ (captured in their original form, then translated into English) from one of the complainants and which Rudling refers to, are here (note: can be slow to load). Finally, here is a discussion on what may constitute sexual consent/rape via a lively 2010 interview with Naomi Wolf and Jaclyn Friedman

A sample of legal documents now in the public domain:
a) Here you can download the certified arrest warrant issued against Julian Assange.
b) Links to all the other case documents (including complainant testimonies and witness statements) are listed here:,04.shtml
c) Here you can download the transcript of the interview conducted by the Swedish police with Mr. Assange

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