Assange Not Charged Say Wikileaks


Wikileak’s have tried to dispel rumours that their founder Julian Assange has been charged.

Assange is due to appear at Sydney Opera House next month at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, at a symposium entitled Wikileaks has not gone far enough.

Wikileaks’s Twitter feed recently said: “Murdoch’s News Corp continues to falsely state that Assange has been charged,” linking to an article in the Herald Sun.

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The article reported: “Festival curator Ann Mossop told The Australian that Assange, who was under house arrest in London and facing sexual assault charges in Sweden, would most likely be speaking via video link.”

Assange Not Charged Say Wikileaks



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One thought on “Assange Not Charged Say Wikileaks

  1. May I add a link to Guy Rundle’s site? (if nobody has posted it yet)
    Rundle says the new legal team “have focused on the more mundane question of whether the European Arrest Warrant by which extradition is being sought had been properly issued, whether the crimes of which Assange is accused (but not charged with) are extraditable offences in the UK, and whether there is even a case to answer in Sweden”

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