Bail is granted to #assange. With conditions. He’s out. Next hearing jan 11th.

Complex decision. Assange given bail on conditions but prosecutors have 2hrs to appeal and £200k security has to be sent to court

Assange lawyer told me he probably won’t be released tonight

As a condition of bail #assange has to wear electronic tag. how about a hack into foursquare?

can’t apply for travel docs and must report to local police station every day at 6pm. Prosecutor has 2hrs to appeal.

Those #assange bail conditions:200k surety required, surrender passport, stay at manor house, curfew from 10am-2pm and 10pm-2am

From The Guardian:

3.36pm: Hang on. Swedish prosecutors plan to launch an appeal against the decision to grant Assange bail. They have two hours to do lodge an appeal. Assange will not be freed until that process is over.

A lawyer for Assange predicted that the he won’t be released tonight, according to Mostrous.

3.34pm: Assange’s bail conditions include surrendering his passport, a curfew, and an electronic tag.

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