Assange fans gather outside Ecuador embassy in London

Assange fans gather outside Ecuador embassy in London


 Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:18PM GMT
Thousands of supporters of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have amassed outside the Ecuadorean embassy in London to protest the UK government’s disrespect for the international conventions.

Protesters held homemade placards reading that the UK and U.S. government are trampling the international legal conventions by threatening to storm a sovereign country’s mission.

“I am here to support Julian Assange because of what he has done for the greater good, for everyone else, for this planet. He has changed the nature of media in general. He’s a huge advocate of citizen journalism”, a student from Sri Lanka told World Socialist Website reporters at the scene.

“News companies and news corporations tell lies-like Fox News, CNN, BBC or Sky News. They have one or two owners like Murdoch and a handful of other people and states like the British state, or the American state. They are completely biased”, the student added.

“I’m here to support Julian Assange because he stands for freedom, and for people who haven’t got any voice. He reveals the crimes being done in the name of ‘democracy’: in Afghanistan, the drone attacks in Pakistan, the bombings in Iraq, and also the crisis in Europe and America”, said Ali, an Afghan worker in London.

Meanwhile, a former UK ambassador to Russia warned that the Foreign Office risks breaching international law if it decides to overturn the status of the Ecuadorian Embassy where Assange has sought asylum.

Tony Brenton, who served as UK ambassador in Moscow from 2004-08, said Britain’s threat to withdraw diplomatic status for the South American country’s embassy would make life “impossible” for British diplomats overseas.


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