Assange: A Traitor…to Lies

It took nearly 30 years for the CIA and MI5’s role in the toppling of a legitimate Iranian Government to come to light.

The result of that violation of national sovereignty was done for the sake of oil and profit over principle.  It was done so over the principles of liberty. The installation of the Shah – a West friendly leader – resulted in yet another 30 years of imprisonment, oppression, and murder at the hands of the Shah.  This is an example of how deception on the parts of the American and British governments has resulted in massive death and misery.

This and other examples of our Clandestine meddling in affairs of middle-eastern countries is one of the reasons for the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon. We all know the death toll from those attacks.

Once again – deception kills.

Do citizens have the right to know what their governments are doing in the name of it’s citizens?  The answer should be a resounding YES.

The criticism has been levied at Assange saying that he has been putting lives in jeopardy by operating Wikileaks as he has.  Sigh…

At the same time, many in the News industry feel that these revelations provided through Wikileaks rise to the level of mere gossip in many instances. Even so, Assange is trying to shed light on what we as citizens should know about our government’s business.  I would hardly think that gossip would get anyone killed.  It is clear that deception…however…does.

Deception, such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident – used as a pretext to widen the war in Vietnam – which is of course, as we all know – something that resulted in more death, as well as mental and physical disfigurement.

Who really benefited from the Vietnam war. Nothing was really resolved and only the armed suppliers and those who traffic in the instruments of death.

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