Appealing to Emotion and What to Do With It

There is a certain innate function that comes with being human and that function allows us to be an emotional species.  We have emotion – regardless of where it comes from – and there are benefits to having it as well as detriments.  The question is, in an ordeal such as the one we have all found ourselves in – the ordeal of Julian Assange and Wikileaks – hardly anyone really knows what they should be doing to support him, Wikileaks, and the cause.

Emotion can be a strong action.  It is true that we are all being called into action to support Julian, Wikileaks, and the cause, however, like Chess – there are actions that can prevent us from winning the game against our opponent.  Emotion can quickly become fanaticism and fanaticism can quickly become the demise of any movement being made by a mass amount of people across the world.  It would seem that at this point, we must now battle the media and keep up with their strokes of tone…and those tones have seemingly changed.  Because those tones have changed, we too, must change our strategy.

When this ordeal with Julian, Wikileaks, and the cause sprung forth – it was quite apparent that many of the world’s citizens reacted in such a way as to be fueled by their emotions.  Some people’s hearts ached for their loss of freedom while others became very angry at the notion of being lied to.  There was mass confusion within the emotional realm and people coped differently according to their own individual tastes.

That stage has now passed.  The emotional stage must be harnessed.  Julian does not need overly emotional people right now to support him.  What Julian needs…what Wikileaks needs…and what the cause needs…is a people who can keep their emotions at bay, deliver facts, and make conclusions upon their spreading of the information that are based off of facts and logic.  So to speak – we need to take on the role of Spock in public and leave the role of Bones inside our homes and inside our heads.  Find different ways to cope emotionally, but present the facts in a calm and logical manner.

History of all genres will show us that emotion has never trumpeted logic.  Present yourself with a scenario:  you are being confronted about an issue that you are not yet sure of your position with.  You have one person being overty emotional and chaotic screaming bloody murder about the injustices of the people and how Julian Assange has been a hero…etc.  On the other hand, you have someone who is calm and logical laying out the facts for you so as to allow you the freedom to base your conclusion upon fact rather than emotion.

Which person would gain your favor more? Emotion or logic?

Emotion is a tool and it is, it seems – being over-used by the supporters of Julian Assange.  Emotion can only be an effective tool when we allow ourselves to use it in such as way as to spring forth with action that is calm and logical.

Emotion will get a person no where unless it is used to engage logic and reason.  There is no society that can successfully claim that it is run purely off of emotion.  There has to be, somewhere, a comfort in knowing that there is order and less chaos – and in the case of Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and the cause we are all battling for – there must be calm and logic that meets with it order.  If not – then our message is thrown out the window by those who have the power (more than ourselves) to make change occur.  Those in power will simply see emotionally driven individuals who are standing in the same spot screaming like a mad person instead of seeing us as people who are logical and armed with facts.

Emotion can only be used to drive a want for change but it is within the contexts of logic and reason – order – that things change and change for the better.

If you support Julian, Wikileaks, and our cause – then you will keep in check your emotions…and allow logic and reason to escape your lips in every moment of every day…wilst never forgetting that should you lose the emotions and passion within you for the cause, the dream of a better world will be long forgotten.  Support Julian Assange.  Your freedom depends on it.

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