Anti – Centralization Effort for Assange

There have been some misconceptions slipping about the minds and fingers of those media sources, social networking sites, and even in our own small communities about a New World Order, Centralization of the Western World, and of there coming into existence a One World Government and Currency.  Along with these blurbs of thought – there lies the notion that Julian Assange is moving in the same direction with the intention of being head of that order.

I would reject the notion of Julian Assange  moving in that direction at all.  In fact, Julian is moving in the very opposite direction – a direction that consists of individual sovereignty and liberty for all citizens of the world who want it.

Centralization has proven to be disastrous to economies and individual liberties and our human history is re-pleat with examples of it.  Centralization seeks to contain all power in the hands of a very few – an oligarchy, if you will.  The rule of liberty suggests that individual sovereignty and autonomy is the basis for all liberty and all power.  Centralization erodes that.

Julian Assange stands for liberty and therefore cannot stomach centralization.

It is centralization that seeks to contain rogue elements who dare to speak out in favor of liberty…like Mr. Assange.

Though the powers – the various governments – in the west have been slowly creeping towards centralization.  This is most evident in America, where despite the wishes of the prominent founders of her, the government is becoming the “employer” rather than the “employee.”  This subverts individual liberty.

Thomas Jefferson warned against this very thing.  Government cannot “give” anyone their rights.  Government can simply “recognize” one’s rights for as Jefferson stated, “A government powerful enough to give one his rights is powerful enough to take them away as well.”

Centralization is destructive to liberty.  A new world order is simply a global centralization scheme and is an anathema to liberty.

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