Anon’s Reponse to Dave Legg…

Dave Legg said:
Following yesterday’s attacks on various websites that have been seen by Anon to oppose WikiLeaks, including Visa, Mastercard and PayPal, Neowin has been monitoring the discussions occurring within the group. What has become apparent is that the organisation and command structure of the group has collapsed, resulting in complete anarchy on their IRC servers, and even an attempted mutiny by some participants.

Since Twitter yesterday shut down the ‘official’ profile of the group, a number of alternates sprung up run by supporters of the cause, each trying to shepherd fellow Anon members towards the latest target. None of these accounts are run by members of the Anon ‘command’, and thus have often caused confusion and spread false information. A good example of this is the widely reported failed attack on Amazon this afternoon. In reality, there never was any plan to attack Amazon, and indeed, such an attack would be pointless with the numbers currently involved.

There has also been a lot of talk within splinter groups of a second attack against Mastercard, and a vote was taken to select that as the next target. However, with the commanders of the group out of contact, no new orders are being passed down, and the attack has continued to be aimed squarely at PayPal’s API throughout the day.

In the past half hour, representatives of the people at the head of Operation Payback have reappeared on IRC, and announced that they are currently busy fighting to keep the IRC services online, along with the various domains and websites used by the group, and have no time to coordinate a fresh attack at the moment.

From an outsiders viewpoint, it appears that the group is now falling apart, and we could be watching the final hours of this Anon assault to defend WikiLeaks.

Op Payback on Twitter said:
DISREGARD THIS ( @DAVELEGG SUCKS COCKS. From an outsider’s perspective, it may look like chaos. We’re not going anywhere

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