Possible Evidence for Arrest Warrant for Anna Ardin?

We have heard much about Julian Assange and what type of man he is in public and in his private life.  To balance the ordeal out and to make it easier for a person to determine their true position on the matter of Julian Assange, Anna Ardin, and Sofia Wilen – and the accusations being put forth on behalf of Julian Assange with regard to any sexual misconduct – I have compiled some things about the Ms. Anna Ardin directly from her website:


Sofia Wilen, the other female accusing Julian Assange of sexual misconduct is no where to be found.

Noting that this is not Anna Bernardin’s  first rodeo in trying to charge someone with sexual malfeasance in Sweden has led me to look at the facts a little closer.  Below, you will find first – a conversation that took place on Anna’s blog with regard to “would a man be charged…if.”  I will allow you all the freedom to conclude what you will from the following information and your own researching into this matter as well.

The material from the website will be quoted here directly from “Anna” in English translation via Google Chrome Browser.

The first set of quotes from Anna Ardin’s site will be from the category of her blog entitled, “Feminism.”

Category: Feminism

June 1, 2006: English Translation


The following is set in a counterfactual, but not very unreasonable scenario that we discussed today, but did not reach an answer to:

Women: would you go with home
Man, why not

… [Drinking tea]

Female: came over to this page

[Sexual act begins]

It is alternately the woman’s arms, trying to force down the woman’s head against his penis, penetrating too hard and like taking the woman to stop when she is no longer interested in continuing. She stops to respond and try to eventually pushing him away from the body, but they say nothing, or perhaps partly out of fear that make the man who already exhibit aggressive behavior even more angry.

It is quite obvious that something is wrong, at some sort of egalitarian sex, or at least where some kind of communication is established between the two parties to recognize a man in this position that he should not continue, but he continues as he has the power to do so, or because he has an attitude to women who tell him it’s ok because she was on it at the time, he listened to her, or because he read law and know that he never in hell will be able to be tried.

Can anyone tell how this case is classified?
Had he been able to be convicted if he recognized the above?
Is it even a case where a man convicted of rape despite the fact that the woman started to have sex willingly?


Comments that followed from the above article as seen on her site English Translation:

2nd Sara and Alexandra | 27 July 2006, at 12:22 pm

[00:41] Alex: But it’s quite interesting is that with rape – would you talk a bit about the +

[00:41] Sarah: like [00:41] Alex: the counterfactual:)

[00:42] Sarah: yeah , now I understand what she mean (and you explain) the word. that in how she says that it is a rape, she disproves that it is interpreted as rape.

[00:43] Alex: Yes! But it was a bit tricky … do you know her?

[00:43] Alex: Whoever by assault or otherwise by force or by threat of criminal offense, forcing a person to sexual intercourse – he was wearing the force to carry out intercourse, so the penalty provision is of course into his conduct [00:44] Sarah: yes, she is a good friend.

[00:45] Alex: But first, we apply the majority of crimes in which the concept of a “consent” may be an act does not become illegal

[00:45] Sarah: so if he could see the event as it is written, and tell it so should he be convicted?

[00:46] Alex: you mean that he would say that she clearly showed she did not want to continue but he did it anyway

[00:47] Sarah: no, he would say what she did specifically, but to assess the documents, for example, “pushed his body away from her”

[00:47] Sarah:

[00:47] Alex: If I eg ask you if I can give you a slap and you say it is ok – then I can not be convicted of assault (if you can prove that you gave your consent)

[00:48] Alex: it is a bit tricky at first she wanted – the question then becomes what she may be deemed to have consented to – hopefully just a little foreplay / snogging

[00:48] Sarah: If I give my permission first, and then when I take it back, they refuse to understand, it is possible to judge then? – Well the issue here?

[00:49] Alex: the time of the assessment of consent and what one evt agreement covers the key

[00:50] Alex: So – if you say yes to a slap in the face so you have not said yes to be knelt

[00:51] Alex: I hope and I would also think, do not the judges both foreplay and sexual intercourse without her consent, will break it

[00:51] Sarah: I have said yes to fuck, when the need I take back later, because it will “proceed” under the law?

[00:53] Alex: Um … that’s also tricky – you have to be able to change one’s consent – the slap is it maybe too late if you change your mind while that my hand is approaching your cheek – but “fuck” is gone over time and therefore you can probably change their minds during foreplay

[00:53] Alex: it must be possible – a consent is not the same as signing a agreement:) [00:54] Sarah: so very nicely stacked it with the legal terms. Me likes

[00:54] Alex: tsss … but it’s probably just the way which justice can be distorted …

[00:55] Alex: If we now say that she had not consented, and we therefore still have to do with a ” unlawful act “as we continue to the subjective side of the law the concept of the” intent

[00:56] Sarah: I did not understand

[00:56] Alex: No, it is not easy – of course we spent all spring about it:)

[00:57] Sarah: You mean that she said yes to the foreplay, but no more. when we check on what his intentions right?

[00:57] Alex: Exactly

[00:59] Alex: For someone to be guilty of a crime, it requires that the person had the intent to commit the crime, with some crimes so it is sufficient negligence. If I eg To kill someone, can I make myself guilty of murder. If I rather forget gas oven on and thus poison my husband so that he dies – I can be sentenced for the crime of “manslaughter” – I did not want to kill him

[00:59] Alex: but I was so careless that I still carry some guilt that I should be sentenced to

[00:59] Alex: have to go to the bathroom …

[00:59] Sarah: seen 🙂

[01:01] Alex: i am back …

[01:01] Sarah: same with rape – sexual assault, or

[01:02] Alex: Rape is one of intention – it requires intent

[01:02] Sarah: no, sexual exploitation, I mean

[01:02] Sarah: intent: rape – negligence : sexual abuse

[01:02] Sarah:

[01:03] Alex: No – it is not necessary that all crimes have a “criminal negligence”

[01:06] Alex: I do not think there is any sex-related criminal negligence – I wanted to only you would understand the stuff with the intent – it’s like a scale where intent is at the top and we have negligently further down the scale and debt than you can say the stronger the intent is

[01:06] Sarah: ok

[01:07 ] Alex: This is evident in penalties: murder (intent is required) can provide 10-year prison Eor life while involuntary manslaughter (through negligence) can be fined – prison 2 years

[01:07] Sarah: if the guy in the situation, recognize everything and says that he had not realized she did not want, he thought it was a sex play, or that girls are always so, so he is not convicted?

[01:08] Alex: There’s where the culture and the judges and said the men’s picture of six recording in the assessment

[01:09] Sarah: there is no negligence penalties for sexual abuse?

[01:09] Sarah: it may be negligent assault?

[01:09] Alex: In practice, the whole course is mostly about evidence but if we say that someone filmed them and that you can clearly see that she is trying to push him away from the body – then he should not get away with that he “did not understand”

[01:09] Sarah: (this of course we talked about, but I remember not. sorry)

[01:10] Alex: it may be causing injury

[01:11] Alex: I can not see any sexual abuse that could be committed by negligence

[01:12] Sarah: that one has sex with the other without checking that the others do not want. the second press away the perpetrator, but the offender does not listen / feel for not / are too antisocial to understand.

[01:12] Alex: If he realized that she resisted and he was forced to violence by forcing her to have intercourse – so he must have had knowledge of what he did – probably so called insight intent

[01:12] Sarah: [01:13] Alex:? to your last question

[01:13] Sarah: yes

[01:13] Sarah: Like, I know it has been reasoned that the court case

[01:13] Alex: and the offender has been freed?

[01:14] Sarah: with: it can not be regarded as beyond all doubt that the accused had understood that the victim did not want

[01:14] Sarah, “and so on. and cleared

[01:14] Alex: I do not think there are intentional crimes – it was supposed to be the same as introducing a requirement for consent and we have not in Sweden (but in England)

[01:15] Sarah: that’s why feminists have pushed consent laws

[01:15] Sarah, “but I thought there was a mild intentional crimes. had not taken that there was anything at all

[01:15] Alex: Mmm … but it’s also many who are against it because then it would need to put even more focus on how the victim has behaved – and the plans are quite get away from

[01:16] Sarah: I read in the convicted defendant at any point. cleared of rape. not cleared completely. [01:16] Alex: Maybe sexual coercion?

[01:17] Alex: Whoever, otherwise than as provided in § 1, first paragraph (rape), forcibly compel a person to undertake or endure a sexual act, is convicted of sexual assault to imprisonment not exceeding two years.

[01:17] Alex: here it is sufficient then by force – it requires no violence or abuse

[01:18] Sarah: Yes, it sure would be reasonable, as you wrote earlier, that said officers and judges’ view of sex and gender were reviewed.

[01:18] Alex: Mmm … we discussed it at our workshop rape but t is too complicated

[01:19] Sara th sexual assault, intentional crimes?

[01:19] Alex: yes

[01:20] Alex: any crime is the principle of intention – then there are some who have a “negligence variant”

[01:21] Alex: To force people to observe a certain degree of caution – you shall not escape at all times just to be negligent

[ 01:24] Alex: The tricky with rape crimes, the offender has gone on the intent to carry out a sexual intercourse – but the intent must also cover violence / coercion / abuse and this is where it becomes difficult to assess the situation – partly because they often have poor evidence and partly because people can have sex in so many different ways and the state can not go in and say so here and this is how we should not have sex …

[01:26] Alex: … while it seems weird that stuff six as they had in the “Tumba case (one woman and seven men, of whom about half unknown to her) is not automatically considered rape

[01:27] Sarah: but in the scenario we read, the perpetrator would be able to recognize everything, but at the same time say that he not realized she did not want, and then there would not be condemned

[01:29] Alex: if the judges and lay judges not think that her “no” is convincing, so I guess it would be so …

[01:29] Alexandra : but it is as I have said often the evidence is word against word

[01:30] Alex: Imagine instead that she actually wanted to have sex and did not make any resistance

[01:32] Alex: but next day when she wakes up she regretted it and prosecute him for rape and says she pushed away his body, although she did not. If the evidence is just as bad as the situation where she actually came off his body so it might be easier to see why he evt acquitted – in both situations – we’ve got the basic principle “nor fia the doubt”

[01:32] Alex: rather free the doubt

[01:32] Sarah: Absolutely. but it is provided that he denies

[01:33] Sarah: if he refuses, he can never be judged in such a word-for-word and “normal” sex (abuse) situation

[01:33] Alex: Yes – you mean that the point is that he, although he admits that she resisted, can get away by saying that he did not understand that she meant “no”

[01:33] Alex: no, not if there is no evidence

[01:35] Sarah: right. so the points are situations where it is clear that she has “resistance” but he claims he did not understand it as such. This applies of course also here they gang rape situations

[01:35] Alex: It’ll isådanafall a question about what will fit in the requirement “duress” (for the crime of sexual assault) and of course the judges / community image of six

[01:37] Sara : and the judges / societal image of men’s sexuality, or what? if they see women as “mere exaggerations” or as individuals with the capacity for decision making, etc.. or

[01:38] Alex: yes [01:38] Alex: or how do you mean that the image of women as individuals with the capacity for decision-making would change the situation?

[01:40] Alex: Another thing is that if the rapist does not meet the constituent elements of violence / coercion / assault / threat so he can still be convicted if the victim was in a “helpless state”

[01:42] Alex: The case of Tumba revolved much around whether the victim had been in a helpless condition and HD found that she had not been in such a state: “Although the situation as such in general appear to be remarkable and bears traces of recklessness can not in itself lead to the conclusion that VG has been helpless in straffbestämmelsens sense “

[01:42] Alex: It is required in other words, pretty much in order to be considered to be in a helpless state

[01:44] Alex: If you want to read the legal text and good comments into sections and court cases that relate to sections you can, if you log in via UpUnet go into legal library’s website: http://www.ub.uu.se/sam/jur/

[01:44] Alex: and in the “Quick Links” choose Norstedts lagkommentarer – they are great once you have learned to navigate around on their side

[01:45] Alex: I’m getting really tired … what type?

[01:46] Sarah: Like, in the this case I mentioned before, said the defendant to the plaintiff huh, like, a whore who wanted to fuck and it really was so. She was still really horny. she really wanted. she moaned and stuff, that whores do. and concluded that the accused did not understand that the plaintiff did not want. So I imagine that a different view of the predominantly male sexuality and a perception of women as individuals (not settled in their impulses) and with the ability to make decisions, draw conclusions, adding one and one and so on.could play a major role in the decision. Thus, criticism of the courts in rape cases is, of course mkt on women, but this is true for manssyn also.

[01:47] Sarah: thanks. check out laggrejset now

[01:48] Alex: yes, maybe not just criticism of the courts but in society’s view of sex in general

[01:48] Sarah: true

[01:50] Sarah: where is sex then?

[01: 51] Alex: Go into the Criminal Code within the folders on the left

[01:51] Sarah: ah, found

[01:51] Alex: second section, Chapter 6

[01:52] Sarah: with examples and stuff. cool!

[01:52] Alex: Then when you click on the section that you want to see it pop up on the right and just below it, you can click on the legislative history and case law, etc. – yes it is cool!

[01:53] Alexandra : But now I must sleep – Natti Natti!

[01:53] Sarah: sleep well!

[01:53] Sarah: We heard!

[01:54] Alex: It’s the right adjustments to get access like that – it actually costs much to subscribe – good luck with the translation!

[01:54] Alex: pussss

[01:54] Sarah: thank you

[01:54] Sarah: hug 🙂

[01:54] *** “Alexandra” Signed off at Fri Jul 21 01:54:40 2006th


February 16, 2006 English Translation:

Sex freed maybe more!

Government investigations are the best I know! They give hope.

A government inquiry will examine whether transgender people do not have to sterilize themselves as a condition for reassignment. When a person is a sex change must not only sterilize themselves today, but also different (sic). All of society should not risk the two same-sex marriage, or that the father should be the mother (or vice versa). As if it were a major disaster any of it.

Anyway, this investigation a big step, and a big jump in order to be considered as a suitable parent, whether biological, whichever way you choose to live. It’s about very few people in the extreme, but if you do not have to do things so permanent, do not have the beauty and fertility surgery to live as you want to improve a broad gender concepts on many many more than the 40 sex change applicants a year.

Many see it a bit like an assault to baptize children until they are adult enough to decide for themselves, they could look a little like an assault to determine their sex before they are adult enough to decide for themselves. But I say this not because it is just as dangerous provocative to say such a thing as it was to say it was an assault to baptize children 200 years ago.


April 1, 2007: English Tranlsation

The joy of not swerve again


I went home happy after a fantastic party with great feminists who commanded the lentil soup … Up the hill on the outer edge of the sidewalk with my high heels, sassy hairdo and tight rock, three young men come and take up the entire pavement width. I am, I wont just about to step down from the sidewalk and give them their “rightful” place but change my mind at the last minute. I can not! I may well be entitled to a little bit here when they can easily get behind each other or a little closer together.

Result: with a violent bang hit my shoulder in the ultimate man’s ditto. We move on.The man turns around and shouts: Sorry!

It felt like a major victory, he had somehow given me the right not to give way even though he blindly expected the man with makeup as I was tonight. He regretted that he did not (any more than I) was sacrificing its margin.

A few minutes later I tell event for my partner and ends triumphantly with: He said sorry!

My boyfriend says: “Anna, you might as well have been beaten”.

Yes, exactly! But now I’m not, but I won. It is better to get beat with a straight back rather than slowly pushed down when they themselves put themselves on the knee. It makes my partner here, in his urging that I should not get hurt by the strike, is therefore to miss the pain that always swerve. Every time I choose not to take a battle – for fear of losing, I am one small step closer to losing the battle.

Más vale Morir the pie que vivir they rodillas ( upright rather die than live on your knees ) . Which are sometimes attributed to machisten Che, but who did of course come from Dolores Ibarruri.


May 23, 2006 English Translation:

I turn me out again – Cock pussy fuck porno whore xxx child porn syringe threesome anal young girl hot body willing escort call girl

Hi sweetie! I am a girl who likes you to look at me, you may see me at my webcam!Shall we meet for a glorious moment?

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When people see my side, it is totally sick many who search for “I turn me out”, as I write about when I (in my cave suit and helmet) was Miss April in a grottdykarkalender. I was mad at Swedish surfers charged to our common network and its capability to download and search the devaluation instead of getting a life.

Therefore intend to do even more poor porn surfers disappointed by making another detour for you before you find your long-awaited squirting dicks or circumstance uttar småbrudar or you can pay for. A sincere greeting: fuck off.


September 16, 2007 English Translation

strategies to prevent feminism

They say I say no, they say that I’m boring that is against everything, they say that it is I who stands up to a system that is fixed.

But now it’s like this, it is my path is the one that the world is heading, towards feminism, and there are those who resist it. It is you who are baktsträvarna and nay-sayers.

There are many ways to fight back, and many of them are very effective. Here is a list of things you can do to help stop the equal society and striving for the same:

  • Threats (threats of violence, threats of ruined careers or reputation or anything else fun you can think of threatening the)
  • Personal attacks (“you are so bitter that you do not begrudge other slightly” or perhaps more directly “you’re ugly”)
  • Biologism (not biology, but biology as an argument for a particular ideology, type “women have more sensory nerves in the hands and that’s why they clean more” or what the shining star Annika D which is always referred to can be churning out. a favorite here is that how good you are at math depends on how big boobs you have. Feminists considered here even deny nature. Tough shit.)
  • Science (in general, and to argue that scientific methods are more scientific than, say, the sociological – which is where our gender studies often are conducted and also alleging that feminism is based on feelings and opinions – not the science).
  • A feminist, must be flawless (just like politicians, the smallest misstep so are all your ideas of equality false)
  • Påprackande of views (like “you think that men are animals” or “why do you hate men?” in response to such a claim that you should share parental leave equally)
  • Reduction (is it so dangerous, then? in Afghanistan must of course women have the burqa and in Somalia is cut pussy of them, and here you come and whine about the nail in the foot. The agency is happy to be grateful for that crap makers want to fuss with, you should be grateful that they want to take your time.)
  • Osolidaritetsanklagelser (“class struggle is more important” is a little outdated, but still classic and even if, thesis, the newer and more modern is that you not only get to talk about women’s situation but also touching disability, ethnicity and sexual orientation.)
  • Sexualization (You may not have enough cock. Feminists are expected to be available, not only to discuss the stupidity.)
  • Ridicule (little old lady, or when Mr. society I criticized the editorial page
  • chose to laugh at me at the next meeting rather than to respond to something in the text)
  • Assumption (Bjorklund said in his inaugural address that feminism may not be transferred to the fool, what are those crackpot? The researchers, whose facts are examined again and again to find something wrong that never found or I do not like me to have to wash up while the men drink whiskey on the balcony? All feminists who really wants to change gender equality is instantly extreme, then it’s crazy hard to do anything, while one should not become a fool. While women are therefore afraid to associate with feminists. Just the word means of course extremist! )
  • Invisible (when the feminist criticism is against such a course book of philosophy that is only written by men are not on the course literature lists)
  • Falsification (women earn in fact no less than men, the only explanation is that they are not as educated / not working as hard / have to work at home part time, etc., or some other clever expert statements. Feminists are reality from the face and exaggerate, it is absolutely not the same structures of Taliban as this. It is quite another.)
  • Feigned incomprehension (winning score of pretending to not understand something, and to insist that we really do not understand).
  • Boredom Allegations (A giant classics: you have no sense of humor. Why should you always see the negative, you can not look at all the amazing advances. Haha, what fun with gender power structure in which I am inferior, I too aggressive accusations are common, of course, as well as allegations that it is hypersensitive or even stupid.)


March 8, 2009 English Translation:

Rape part of men’s power

In Brazil: A 9-year-old girl raped by her stepfather and becomes pregnant. There are twins and the doctors’ assessment is that the girl will die if an abortion is not done.There is no question about it, the girl has been badly beaten by life and there is a physical salvation.

But what makes the church? Well, they claim that abortion is murder, no matter how the pregnancy occurred. The fact that rape is murder if it leads to death, and that it then becomes the father and the church are the killers is something that is obviously not true, because it is men who determine the truth and judges.

The day we read about how vatican is now reacting to the excommunication of the raped nine-year-old. The pigs DEFENDING BANISHMENT!

As a woman, and as a Christian, as a person and as someone with a brain, I am terribly upset. Jesus stood on the exposed side, it is only God who has the right to judge who gets to go to heaven, but men without scruples do not hesitate to use religious arguments. Maybe they need scapegoats and sacrificial lambs for themselves receive absolution from their sins, that when selecting women, some women, all women, making it idiot-proof to themselves that they never fall into the pit they dug. Is it religion or defense of each other’s rights as men, it is important here? I think the male friends are far ahead of most of the time.

Church leaders in Brazil say now that the mother and the doctors can be forgiven if they “repent”. Repent for their actions saved the life of a child who already suffered abuse, or think they “repent” in the same way as the leaders themselves would have repented, crocodile tears and 15 Hail Mary. Hypocrisy and a disgrace to humanity. In Latin America, abortion ban one of the most common causes of women dying prematurely. Some lives are not as holy for the holy men, women’s lives are not worth as much in God’s eyes.

Why not banned stepfather who raped?

It highlights the excommunication of the Nazis who deny the Holocaust, it banishes not rapists, but mothers do not want to see their 9-year-old raped daughters dying like vatican should be banned.

The world is controlled by men and it shows.

The Congo: In ten years the systematic rape of women used to reduce society to male band of robbers to access natural resources. It is deliberate and malicious.West will fix peace settlements and among the ten top priorities in the proposals are rapes not.

Women are raped with boots, of ten men at a time, all flesh between the anus and vagina are torn apart with machetes, inbred shoot up from underneath, with arms that replace germ line rape, women who have rape, it is not about sex, men who rape children with nappies, grandmothers, men who rape Alphonsine and Leyla, women who become figures in a war for raw materials. Peacekeeping forces are trying to stop the war, but does not stop rape, peacekeepers who rape. Why not send female dressing? For women with weapons could pose a risk to the men who rape? Perhaps, above all, to women considered too weak to be subject to military service, for men are presumed to be men and society bear violence.Stereotypes that affect men as tvngas live up to an unnatural masculinity, male stereotypes that affect communities, affecting other men, against women, which affects boys and girls.

It is time to come to terms with masculinity ideal.


January 19, 2010 English and Swedish Translation:

7 Steps to Legal Revenge by Anna Ardin [ANNA  DELETED THIS FROM HER BLOG]

January 19, 2010

I’ve been thinking about some revenge over the last few days and came across a very good side who inspired me to this seven-point revenge instruction in Swedish.

Steg 1 / Step 1

Tänk igenom väldigt noga om du verkligen ska hämnas. Consider very carefully if you really must take revenge. Det är nästan alltid bättre att förlåta än att hämnas

It is almost always better to forgive than to avenge

Steg 2 / Step 2

Tänk igenom varför du ska hämnas. Think about why you want revenge. Du behöver alltså inte bara vara på det klara med vem du ska hämnas på utan också varför. Hämnd ska aldrig riktas mot bara en person, utan även möta en viss handling.

You need to be clear about who to take revenge on, as well as why. Revenge is never directed against only one person, but also the actions of the person.

Steg 3 / Step 3


The principle of proportionality.

Kom ihåg att hämnden inte bara ska matcha dådet i storlek utan även i art.

Remember that revenge will not only match the deed in size but also in nature.

En bra hämnd är kopplad till det som gjorts mot dig.

A good revenge is linked to what has been done against you.

Om du till exempel vill hämnas på någon som varit otrogen eller som dumpat dig, så bör straffet ha något med dejting/sex/trohet att göra.

For example if you want revenge on someone who cheated or who dumped you, you should use a punishment with dating/sex/fidelity involved.

Steg 4 / Step 4

Gör en brainstorm kring lämpliga åtgärder för kategorin av hämnd du är ute efter. För att fortsätta exemplet ovan så kan du paja ditt offers nuvarande relation, fixa så att dennes nye partner är otrogen eller se till att han får en galning efter sig.

Do a brainstorm of appropriate measures for the category of revenge you’re after. To continue the example above, you can sabotage your victim’s current relationship, such as getting his new partner to be unfaithful or ensure that he gets a madman after him.

Använd din fantasi!

Use your imagination!

Steg 5 / Step 5

Tänk ut hur du kan hämnas systematiskt.

Figure out how you can systematically take revenge.

Kanske kan en serie brev och foton som får den nya att tro att ni ännu ses bättre än bara en stor lögn vid ett enstaka tillfälle?

Send your victim a series of letters and photographs that make your victim’s new partner believe that you are still together which is better than to tell just one big lie on one single occasion

Steg 6 / Step 6

Ranka dina systematiska hämndscheman från låg till hög i termer av troligt lyckat genomförande, krävd insats från dig samt grad av tillfredsställelse om du lyckas.

Rank your systematic revenge schemes from low to high in terms of likely success, required input from you, and degree of satisfaction when you succeed.

Den ideala hämnden ligger givetvis så högt som möjligt i dessa staplar, men ofta kan en ökad insats av arbete och kapital ge säkrare output för de andra två, egentligen viktigare parametrarna.

The ideal, of course, is a revenge as strong as possible but this requires a lot of hard work and effort for it to turn out exactly as you want it to.

Step 7 / Step 7

Skrid till verket. Get to work. Och kom ihåg vilket ditt mål är medan du opererar, se till att ditt offer får lida på samma sätt som han fick dig att lida.

And remember what your goals are while you are operating, ensure that your victim will suffer the same way as he made you suffer.

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March 26, 2010 English Translation:

The priest in Bjästa has a point

Kyrka i BjästaA girl has been raped and a young sex offenders are doing crap for doing it and going there, he tries to deny and get a fierce support of his denial. It becomes more and more impossible for him to admit he had already recognized.

The guy must stand for what he did. But he is nevertheless entitled to forgiveness and human dignity. There I heard that the priest said, and I agree totally with that.

Sure, it was the patriarchal priest to be so colored by the social atmosphere that he has not spent even a thought for the girl’s rehabilitation and dignity, and that he needs to stand for. But how can we learn from this? How do we avoid it continues to happen? Well, by recognizing that the problem here is that some individuals in northern Sweden is retarded and inbred. By recognizing that the problem is thatthere is a patriarchy, and that this therefore could have happened anywhere .

Mandate review begins so well, they show the guy’s side and I sit and think: ‘No, the court had enough maybe a mistake, “but they never touch home his punch line.They had been pushing it up in my face and show: “look, you are exactly the same, you were also able to take the guy’s party if you lived in Bjästa”, but they do not.

They present their rector and priest as some kind of monsters and help in this way to start a new public mob with a lot more threats and unreflective emotional expressions directed against individuals.

How about to examine ourselves and make up with the patriarchy that support the oppression of women? Or perhaps we should instead reintroduce public executions and shame penalties again (it likes anyway Minister of Justice ).

I also have to say about this Amanda chick : I’m starting to cry what a nice man. Is not it nice that she chose the right way, legally speaking, and supported those who did not lied. But this is what I think is the greatest: “Had it been the designated guy who stood alone, I had supported him.”


November 20, 2010 English Translation

With that kind of friends do the feminists no enemies

Johnny, an anonymous commentator who supports Ullman PR and think I’m wrong write this (about me) in the discussion (see here , here and here ) on Ullman PR and their party image:

A rabid feminist has spoken. Full of hatred and prejudice against women, especially older men. Pure sex and age racism.

He has previously written like this:

Personally, I think nyfeminismen and gender nonsense is the world’s most ridiculous political movement, where women want to be like men, they want to pursue careers and become officers and men should be more like women.

The problem is not that I discriminate against men like Johnny writes from the beginning, but I think that women are fit to make a career and become managers, the problem Johnny is with me is that I want equality. So no Johnny, it is not gender-racism to say that women and men should be equal.

Malin Otter Power of PR Ullman wrote in his contribution to Today’s media like this:

To those of you who seem to see ourselves as iq-exempt kuttersmycken in Ullman’s office (…) I have a story to tell. So does not it tough consultant world we live in. (…) You do not become the agency director by filing your nails. A condition for the (entirely legitimate) feminist movement and criticism of the situation in the male-dominated business success is surely that women stop criticizing each other based on aesthetic reasons?

Yes, she is absolutely right, but another condition is that it not only runs feminism through her own career, but also look to the structures in society and how they can challenge or reinforce these structures.

If you get support and CHEERING from men like Johnny, who thinks it is crazy that women make a career at all, so should you yourself understand that it is not particularly right out when using just these kinds of images and techniques in her feminist struggle for equality in the workplace.

From Twitter.com on @Therealardin’s profile which is also linked to the blog quoted above:

  • By the way, I have a twitter break, but we hear from you soon! 2 days ago
  • I have changed the twitter name, but it is me who is the real Bernardin 2 days ago
  • CIA agent, rabid feminist / Muslim lover, a Christian fundamentalist, flat & fatally in love with a man, can you even be all the time? 1 week ago
  • http://annaardin.wordpress.com/category/feminism/

Category: Feminism

August 2010 in English Translation:

“Sometimes It Is Difficult To Go On Without Some Kind of payback. As a Human Being You Should Be Able to Understand that. In this case I was very upset with a forms fiancé WHO betrayed me for a longtime. My revenge at That point consisted in posting this translation.

Now this post hock gotten Many good Christians to cast spells on me, told me That I am mentally insane and said That Because I am a “Revenge” The whole world speed The Right To Get Their Revenge on me. I Think That Is sad, but i hope That this global states over this blog post Will Cause a lot of people to think again over Their own need for revenge, And The Way They Treat Their fellow humans. Anna responded when her Christianity was in questioned due to her revenge plan.


From The Herald Sun – UK:

December 6, 2010:

Both women boasted of their of their respective celebrity conquests on internet posts and mobile phones texts after the intimacy they would now see him destroyed for.

Ardin hosted a party in Assange’s honour at her flat after the ‘crime’ and tweeted to her followers that she was with the “the world’s coolest smartest people, it’s amazing!”

Ardin has sought unsuccessfully to delete these and thereby destroy evidence of Assange’s innocence She has published on the internet a guide on how to get revenge on cheating boyfriends.

Their sms texts to each other show a plan to contact the Swedish newspaper Expressen before hand in order to maximise the damage to Assange.

They belong to the same political group and attended a public lecture given by Assange and organised by them.

The exact content of Sophia Wilén’s mobile phone texts is not yet known but their bragging and generally positive content about Assange has been confirmed by Swedish prosecutors.

The consent of both women to sex with Assange has been confirmed by prosecutors. Niether Wilén’s nor Ardin’s texts complain of rape.


Sweden Codified Law:

Penal Code Chapter 15, 7 § A person who, otherwise than in 6 §, with prosecutors, police or other authority falsely testifies of a criminal act, provides compromising circumstances, or denies acquitting or mitigating circumstances, shall be found guilty, if authority review such a case, of false accusation to imprisonment not exceeding two years or, if the crime is petty, to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months.


From Dailymail – UK:

December 7, 2010:

Using a number of sources including leaked police interviews, we can begin to piece together the sequence of events which led to Assange’s liberty being threatened by Stockholm police rather than Washington, where already one U.S. politician has called on him to executed for ‘spying’.

The story began on August 11 this year, when Assange arrived in Stockholm.

He had been invited to be the key speaker at a seminar on ‘war and the role of the media’, ­organised by the ­centre-Left Brotherhood Movement.

His point of contact was a female party official, whom we shall refer to as Sarah (her identity must be ­protected because of the ongoing legal proceedings).

An attractive blonde, Sarah was already a well-known ‘radical feminist’. In her 30s, she had travelled the world following various fashionable causes.

While a research assistant at a local university she had not only been the protegee of a militant feminist ­academic, but held the post of ‘campus sexual equity officer’. Fighting male discrimination in all forms, including sexual harassment, was her forte.

Sarah and Assange had never met. But in a series of internet and telephone conversations, they agreed that during his visit he could stay at her small apartment in central Stockholm. She said she would be away from the city until the day of the seminar itself.

What happened over the next few days — while casting an extraordinary light on the values of the two women involved — suggests that even if the WikiLeaks founder is innocent of any charges, he is certainly a man of strong sexual appetites who is not averse to exploiting his fame.

Certainly his stay was always going to be a very social affair, mingling with like-minded and undoubtedly ­admiring people.

That Thursday, he held court at the Beirut Cafe in Stockholm, dining with fellow ‘open government’ campaigners and an American journalist.

The following afternoon, Sarah returned to Stockholm, 24 hours earlier than planned.

In an interview she later gave to police, she is reported to have said: ‘He (Assange) was there when I came home. We talked a little and decided that he could stay.’

The pair went out for dinner together at a nearby restaurant. Afterwards they returned to her flat and had sex. What is not disputed by either of them is

that a condom broke — an event which, as we shall see, would later take on great significance.

At the time, however, the pair ­continued to be friendly enough the next day, a Saturday, with Sarah even throwing a party for him at her home in the evening.

That same day, Assange attended his seminar at the Swedish trade union HQ. In the front row of the audience, dressed in an eye-catching pink jumper — you can see her on a YouTube ­internet clip recorded at the time — was a pretty twentysomething whom we shall call Jessica. She was the woman — who two sources this week told me is a council employee — from Enkoping.

Jessica would later tell police that she had first seen Assange on television a few weeks before. She had found him ‘interesting, brave and admirable’. As a result, she began to follow the ­WikiLeaks saga, and when she discovered that he was due to visit Stockholm she ­contacted the Brotherhood Movement to volunteer to help out at the seminar. Although her offer was not taken up, she decided to attend the seminar anyway and took a large number of photos of Assange during his 90-minute talk.

It is believed that by happenstance Jessica also met Sarah — the woman with whom Assange had spent the night — during the meeting.

Afterwards, she hung around and was still there when Assange — who has a child from a failed relationship around 20 years ago — left with a group of male friends for lunch.

Sources conflict here. One says that she asked to tag along; another that Assange invited her to join them.

Subsequently, one of Assange’s friends recalled that Jessica had been ‘very keen’ to get Assange’s attention.

She was later to tell police that, at the restaurant, Assange put his arm around her shoulder. ‘I was flattered. It was obvious that he was flirting,’ she reportedly said.

The attraction was mutual. After lunch, the pair went to the cinema to see a film called Deep Sea. Jessica’s account suggests that were ‘intimate’ and then went to a park where Assange told her she was ‘attractive’.

But he had to leave to go to a ‘crayfish party’, a traditional, and usually boozy, Swedish summer event.

Jessica asked if they would meet again. ‘Of course,’ said the WikiLeaks supremo. They parted and she took a train back to Enkoping while he took a cab back to his temporary base at Sarah’s flat, where the crayfish party was to be held. You might think it strange that Sarah would want to throw a party in honour of the man about whom she would later make a complaint to police concerning their liaison the night before.

This is only one of several puzzling flaws in the prosecution case.

A few hours after that party, Sarah apparently Tweeted: ‘Sitting outside … nearly freezing, with the world’s coolest people. It’s pretty amazing!’ She was later to try to erase this message.

During the party, Assange apparently phoned Jessica and a few hours later she was boasting to friends about her flirtation with him. At that point, according to police reports, her friends advised her ‘the ball is in your court’.

So it was that on the Monday, Jessica called Assange and they arranged to get together in Stockholm. When they did meet they agreed to go to her home in Enkoping, but he had no money for a train ticket and said he didn’t want to use a credit card because he would be ‘tracked’ (presumably, as he saw it, by the CIA or other agencies).

So Jessica bought both their tickets.

She had snagged perhaps the world’s most famous activist, and after they arrived at her apartment they had sex. According to her testimony to police, Assange wore a condom. The following morning they made love again. This time he used no protection.

Jessica reportedly said later that she was upset that he had refused when she asked him to wear a condom.

Again there is scant evidence — in the public domain at least — of rape, sexual molestation or unlawful coercion.

What’s more, the following morning, on the Tuesday, the pair amicably went out to have breakfast together and, at her prompting, Assange promised to stay in touch. He then returned to Stockholm, with Jessica again paying for his ticket.

What happened next is difficult to explain. The most likely interpretation of events is that as a result of a one-night stand, one participant came to regret what had happened.

Jessica was worried she could have caught a sexual disease, or even be pregnant: and this is where the story takes an intriguing turn. She then decided to phone Sarah — whom she had met at the ­seminar, and with whom Assange had been staying — and apparently confided to her that she’d had unprotected sex with him.

At that point, Sarah said that she, too, had slept with him.

As a result of this conversation, Sarah reportedly phoned an acquaintance of Assange and said that she wanted him to leave her apartment. (He refused to do so, and maintains that she only asked him to leave three days later, on the Friday of that week.)

How must Sarah have felt to ­discover that the man she’d taken to her bed three days before had already taken up with another woman? ­Furious? Jealous? Out for revenge? Perhaps she merely felt aggrieved for a fellow woman in distress.

Having taken stock of their options for a day or so, on Friday, August 20, Sarah and Jessica took drastic action.

They went together to a Stockholm police station where they said they were seeking advice on how to proceed with a complaint by Jessica against Assange.

According to one source, Jessica wanted to know if it was possible to force Assange to undergo an HIV test. Sarah, the seasoned feminist warrior, said she was there merely to support Jessica. But she also gave police an account of what had happened between herself and Assange a week before.

The female interviewing officer, presumably because of allegations of a sabotaged condom in one case and a refusal to wear one in the ­second, concluded that both women were victims: that ­Jessica had been raped, and Sarah subject to sexual molestation.

It was Friday evening. A duty prosecuting attorney, Maria ­Kjellstrand, was called.

She agreed that Assange should be sought on suspicion of rape.

The following day, Sarah was questioned again, cementing the allegation of sexual misconduct against Assange. That evening, detectives tried to find him and searched Stockholm’s entertainment district — but to no avail.

By Sunday morning, the news had leaked to the Press.

Indeed, it has been suggested that the two women had discussed approaching a tabloid newspaper to maximise Assange’s discomfort. By now, the authorities realised they had a high-profile case on their hands and legal papers were rushed to the weekend home of the chief ­prosecutor, who dismissed the rape charge.

She felt that what had occurred were no more than minor offences.

But the case was now starting to spin out of control.

Sarah next spoke to a newspaper, saying: ‘In both cases, the sex had been consensual from the start but had eventually turned into abuse.’

Rejecting accusations of an international plot to trap Assange, she added: ‘The accusations were not set up by the Pentagon or anybody else. The responsibility for what happened to me and the other girl lies with a man with a twisted view of women, who has a problem accepting the word “no”.’

The two women then instructed Claes Borgstrom, a so-called ‘gender lawyer’ who is a leading supporter of a campaign to extend the legal ­definition of rape to help bring more rapists to justice.

As a result, in September the case was reopened by the authorities, and last month Interpol said Assange was wanted for ‘sex crimes’.

Yesterday, his lawyer Mark Stephens said the Swedish warrant was a ‘political stunt’ and that he would fight it on the grounds that it could lead to the WikiLeaks founder being handed over to the American authorities (Sweden has an ­extradition treaty with the U.S.).

Earlier this year, Sarah is reported to have posted a telling entry on her website, which she has since removed. But a copy has been retrieved and widely circulated on the internet.

Entitled ‘7 Steps to Legal Revenge’, it explains how women can use courts to get their own back on unfaithful lovers.

Step 7 says: ‘Go to it and keep your goal in sight. Make sure your victim suffers just as you did.’ (The highlighting of text is Sarah’s own.)


As more information is found by myself – I will post it accordingly.

UPDATE 7:14pm Eastern Standard Time December 19, 2010:

November 10, 2010 English Translation:

Hi Malin,

First let me say that I like your article in today’s media , the respect to ask people who believe that it is office manager by nails done, or that all women are somewhere inkvoterade, to shut up. Thousands of men (and some men) are sitting right now and works for the Social Democrats must have a man, any man, the party leader, that the party was not “ripe” for a female leader. My comment is not an example of the distrust of female competence.

I did not apologize because I think the picture looks photo-fitted out, for it makes it, I apologized for that I phrased myself so that it was not until I wanted to say, and that it instead was caught by that I offended you or Kajsa. It was an accident. My reaction to the picture has nothing to do with how you look or with your career, but with Harald Ullman.

The more I think about it, the more sin and a strange, I think it is that you / you perceive this as a comment on women’s appearance, for it is not. Harold looks like a dirty old mucus in the picture, and it is composed so that it looks like he owns you. It’s sad that men who look drunk out and holding the women, especially young women completely regardless appearance, perceived that way, but it does, and the need for economic and social equality to change. Until we have that will need to think about when choosing a picture if you do not want it to look like a photo montage. If Harold had seen more serious out, and it had looked like you were sitting in his lap so I had not reacted as strongly. The picture emphasizes the stereotype that Ullman will not recruit middle-aged or older women for a reason, the picture does not emphasize your professionalism, unfortunately, for so I am sure you deserve!

Yes, there is a special place in hell for women who do not help each other, and it costs to practice sisterhood instead of malebonda and there is a cost that I have throughout my political life, so you are unjust when you take three rows of an e-mail as proof that I do not practice what I preach. There is no feminist in this picture, and nothing in your handling of that challenge gender roles. And if I be blacklisted from your party, to which you write “we do not want to be so rude guests” because I tell it to you, so be it.

If you want to publish this e-mail, that’s fine, but publish it in this case in its entirety.

Anna Bernardin



URL: http://annaardin.wordpress.com

Screenshots Taken Today of posted material: ( ZIP File contains 14 Screenshots)

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One thought on “Possible Evidence for Arrest Warrant for Anna Ardin?

  1. Hmmmm……It seems that this Anna Ardin is somewhat troubled and conflicted. From reading the material you presented, she seems as has been mentioned already, a militant feminist. She seems to despise men who are in positions of power. The question is does she despise such men to the point of levying false allegations against them, to publicly shame them as her blogs and tweets indicate is her desire?

    If the Swedish case proceeds and is resolved in favor of Assange, then he is not shamed. If the case reveals that Ardin conspired to make false allegations against Assange, then she herself could face prison time, and be shamed instead. The best course of action for her-and the other woman who is no where to be found-is to stop cooperating. This has been the case. Anna Ardin has left Sweden for the Middle East, and has reportedly stopped cooperating with Swedish authorities.

    Rape is an odious offense. However, I am not convinced that rape has actually occurred with regard to these allegations made against Assange. Granted, Sweden has a fairly broad definition of what “rape”is, but I speak of forcing ones self upon a woman against her will. So far though, it seems the only person being raped is Assange. That seems to have been the plan.

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