Amidst the Chaos of Joy In The World

Anyone can hear or read the thousands of twitters coming across the lines about Julian Assange – again, they can do the same on facebook, Channel4News, The Guardian – live blogs…etc – but does anyone really know what we are all celebrating for?

The look on Julian’s face as he gave his initial statements to the public outside of the London Courthouse was one of concern, yet there was a forced relief that was hidden beneath the “must be” public face that Julian must don.

The tone beneath the surface at public level could have been that he was looking around for snipers – or people who wanted to literally manhandle him out of rage and/or violence.  It could have been a simple exhaustion from stress – or it could be that he feels people are supporting for the wrong reasons.

Julian Assange is quite the man.  He has numerous characteristics that each and every one of us could only imagine having…yet we all will turn a blind eye to his faults.  Julian is a man of conviction and I there is no doubt in my mind that he would stand up to any fault of his and take accountability for his actions.  The man speaks about honesty…and truth…and transparency.  He knows that he is a public figure and attacking governments for things such as non-transparency gives him all the more reason to uphold strict expectations of himself.

I made it a point to exchange my comfortable desk chair for one that was made of wood, so that I could remind myself over the past couple of weeks that Julian was suffering while we post blog after blog on this site.  It reminded me of a time when I too was suffering and it compelled me to think about those around me and how the current events are affecting them as well.

Today, Julian spoke about the other inmates in the prison that he was held captive in.  He reminded us that they too need our support.  There is an even brighter statement there that he is attempting to spread – and watching the “internet” live – I can say that I feel that most people have missed his message – because they were standing in the midst of chaos and joy while celebrating his glorious return to society.

Guys…he’s been with us all along.  The Mobius Bell rings loud…and proud and it’s Julian who rung it.  It was not you nor I that rung that awesome bell.  His message has been with us regardless of his physical position and I think that’s what he’s trying to tell us.  It’s not over yet – and we shouldn’t use this experience today to forget what the goal is…what the mission is.  What Julian is…

We all support you Julian – but we still haven’t forgotten your message.  As part of this website, it is our privilege…to spread your true intention and message…and it is my job to ensure that it remains in tact…right along with every other citizen of the world who supports you as well.

We don’t want to support you in name, Julian.  We want to support you in deed – so please…do not ever stop being who and what you are.  Do not let anything stop you, because if that bell ever manages to stop it’s toll…the world will need to be reminded once again.

We love you Julian Assange – and we cherish the message you bring to us this Christmas and Yule Season!

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