American? If so – You’re being Laughed at Right Now!

If you’re an American like me – know that the rest of the world is laughing at you. Maybe it’s time to laugh with them…and be “un-American” in the current sense of the word – and instead become AMERICAN – in the original sense of the word. Hm? SUPPORT WIKILEADS AND JULIAN ASSANGE!

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5 thoughts on “American? If so – You’re being Laughed at Right Now!

  1. I am an American. I love my country. I would die for my country.

    But my loyalty is NOT to the government. My loyalty is to the PEOPLE of America.
    I believe in the rights laid down in the Constitution (and more) and I’m willing to fight to protect them, from whoever. Especially when it’s the people who are supposed to protect my rights, that are trying to take them away.

  2. Au contraire, we are many who wouldn’t dream about laughing, instead we feel a deep sorrow for the American people right now.
    The reason is that we can’t possibly blame the American people for not knowing what their government has been hiding from the public view, secrets are usually hidden.

    We can’t blame the American people for this, no more than we can blame the Chinese people for living under an opressive one party regime with next to no sense of human rights.

    We are many who will cheer the day when the American people once again can raise their head in pride over being American.

  3. Thank you, Plexzy. There are times in this world when I wish that our government wasn’t so corrupt. There are times when I wish things could be better and I wish that the constitution actually stood for something presently. Unfortunately – right now it doesn’t. We are being forced into a socialist state by our own government. The President of the United States is doing nothing to help this and is actually promoting socialism – in my humble opinion. He may not call it that – however, with his recent healthcare bill – Americans are being forced into engaging in commerce. That is not constitutional – and if the American government goes after Assange – even though it’s unconstitutional – they won’t care. Again – they think that they own the world, but in all reality – we are a dying nation.

    The best thing that could happen to this nation is for it to be split up into different littler nations where everyone would be happy in their own political ideologies.

  4. The best thing that could happen’ to you (and not just Americans, to all of us) is Julian Assange and Wikileaks, or for those who still can think and willing to hear, at least. I’m from Serbia, and I have all the reasons to laugh at you, people. But I’m not. Many of us not. There is no such thing like collective guilt.
    Right information is a powerful weapon and Wikileaks and Julian put it in our hands, and it’s up to us what we’ll do. At least we can raise our voices and support them and don’t allow ourselves to stay ignorant all our lives. I’m grateful for their spirit and effort, and deeply hope that Julian will find a way to beat these allegations.

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