American Currency – Illegal Federal Reserve Notes Anyway…

Recently, within the past two years, there has been a wide-spread notion across the US that her citizens should do away with consuming using  American Currency.  This past month we have seen Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Bank of America,…etc take up the position of boycotting Wikileaks – preventing their own customers from supporting Wikileaks through their services.

It seems as if Americans have caught on to the plot and have taken over the writing and editing of their own story…for once.  Many people in America are now launching “local currencies” where people will trade local “slips” for merchandise at various stores in their local communities.  Many store owners are even going as far as engaging in a trade/barter system for material items.  One chiropractor in Maryland is allowing his patients to pay with food – such as Cooked Ham and/or other materials that actually “have” value, unlike US Currency presently.

The notion of the citizens taking over the economy within the United States in the past has ended up with people being imprisoned and criminally charged, although “The Coinage Act of 1965” which allows for store owners the freedom to accept whatever payment that they choose for their goods.

In a free market society, any business (including corporate businesses) are ideally supposed to be able to run their business how they see fit – and accordingly, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and BOA have engaged in just that – however – to turn the tables, it is every American citizen’s right to not consume from any business that they do not want to.  The Federal Government cannot force a citizen into consumption of any kind (although the new healthcare bill was attempting to force that upon us, but that’s for another story!)

I see this act of refusing to use the Federal Reserve Notes (US Currency) as a way for the people of America to say, “STOP” to the US Government with regard to Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  We are essentially powerless, lest they take away our rare freedoms…the same ones that are being placed on limbo.

Along with the freedom of press, expression, and free market society rules within the American Nation – so too should we all take up our ends and find non-violent ways such as mentioned above to support Julian and his cause.  By doing so, you are not hurting your economy – rather, you are helping it by decreasing inflation..etc.  Everytime you deposit money into the bank – the bank triples that money and takes much of it for themselves to fund other people’s loans.  When you trade something in for merchandise – you are trading material goods worth one hundred percent of their value – unlike the US dollar which is not even worth .05 any more.  100 years ago, the US dollar was backed by gold.  It is no longer backed by gold – in fact, an once of gold in America today is worth $1400.00 (give or take).

There are many ways to be creative in your mission to support Julian Assange – even if you live outside of the United States.  Alls it takes is a little courage – so with this article, I am being contagious.  Let it overwhelm you and allow courage…to be contagious.  Support Julian.  Support yourself.  Support your world – and most of all – Support Freedom and liberty….and TRUTH.

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