All Good, But What Now?

Hey guys, thanks for setting up the site. I’m with Jefmac2003 in Aus and, from what I’ve read over the past couple of days I think the situation’s really interesting and would like to see the positive momentum used to orchestrate positive change, BUT HOW?

I say interesting because, as Jeff rightly points out, crew here are pretty P’d off with our government’s treatment of JA and the general mushroom treatment we the sheeple have been getting from our elected representatives. The demographics are also interesting to note as the battle lines don’t seem to be running along the tired old party lines but seem to be drawn more along a libertarian/totalitarian split with the fascists outnumbered about 9 to 1 from what I’ve read and seen online.

But I stress this is ALL ONLINE and does not seem to be being spoken about in the real world and I take that as an indication that people are SCARED SHITLESS of what might happen next. I certainly am, and this is why. In cyberspace this battle is harmless… we can scream our battle cries as loud as we like and argue our case without fear. In cyberspace we are too spread out to provide a viable target. But as soon as we take our protest into the real world and demand justice and freedom from these thugs who see themselves as our rulers we present a bullseye for the totalitarians to aim at with teargas, mass arrests and bullets or worse.

My question for everyone is this. How do we take advantage of the momentum and our obvious numerical superiority to remove these thugs without getting a lot of people killed in the process? Who’s organising the fight and where do I sign up?

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2 thoughts on “All Good, But What Now?

  1. I too have pondered this. What happens when the news dies down, when people get sick of cable gate and wikileaks etc.. I thought back in the 90’s we would see the big change but it never happened. i thought the same early this decade and again it never really happened.. The fight is big at first and fizzles.
    Today i found it hard not to accept that people either don’t know or understand or are not interested.. Is complacency a safer option in their eyes? I attended a rally in brisbane hoping it would be like those that i attended years ago but it was small and barely noticed. Full credit to the 250 people or so that came. But it looks like a joke in the papers when you read 250 people turned up in Brisbane to defend Julian Assange.. I know there is another tomorrow.
    I am not sure how it can keep going, our votes don’t count in the right manner in elections because most of the people in politics are people who i wouldn’t vote for.. People who don’t share my views.Sadly I am a minority.
    How indeed do we create the change? And like you Veritas I am ready to sign up… In good time i myself will have quite a public fight.. hopefully people will take notice but who knows..

  2. I believe it’s people like us – on this site who are already signed up. We are spreading the information and that’s what the war is all about. The rest will fall into place. Many people are saying that there will be a world revolution due to all of this information being released. I have a feeling once that bank information is released early next year – that there is going to be massive upheavel throughout the world.

    I would suggest starting now to protect your home and your family – as there will be people running around like clowns with guns who’ve gone insane – and then there will be people who are out to do the right thing.

    If something like a revolution comes about – I WANT to be prepared. It may be an “if” but that “if” could cost me and my family their lives – especially here in America.

    I would rather be prepared than not.

    Money – is worthless at this point. It’s not about money…it’s not about us being SLAVES to not only corporate America.. Corporate Australia…Corporate England..etc. It’s about us being SLAVES to the elitist and facist governments we are all under.

    Spreading information is the arsenal right now – and the more sites that the authorities shut down or censor – the more information needs to be spread elsewhere. One site goes down – 20 more should come in it’s place.

    This is the technology age – and it’s damn time for some change. We will no longer be slaves!

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