We would like to state that this site was made with the sole intention to rally support for Julian Assange who was arrested earlier this week. We will publish all articles that relate to Julian Assange and Wikileaks because we agree that freedom of speech isn’t debatable and certainly not punishable by imprisonment. In fighting for Julian Assange we are also upholding our constitutional right to freedom of speech and enjoy uncensored press.

We are not associated or affiliated with “Anonymous” or “Payback” , nor do we have any contact with any representatives of both groups. Everyone is accountable for their actions and although we don’t applaud or condemn their actions  we will publish any information given to us as long as it related to this sites causes.

To make it clear….as a website we are responsible for all the content published and like any other website we reserve the right to monitor all article submissions and refuse publication any posts with content we feel not suitable for the site.

So please use this site to support Julian Assange and everything he stands for. It is in our interest that freedom of speech and freedom of thought remain untouchable and not debatable. Please use this site to voice your opinion and views, regardless of race, religion or language.

This site belongs to everyone that believes…

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  1. I feel that Julian represent freedom of speech, he wasnt the one that leaked the information he is just the one that published it in the interest of the public, as any good journalist worth his salt is paid to do so.

    Why the outrage? is it because the real truth of political figures has been exposed, is it because many political figures have 2 faces, one to each other and one to the public? I feel this is a good reminder to them that holding public office is a responsibility, they are elected by the people and are suppose to represent us. Reading what a lot of them have said, is this not a breach of their employment contract!!!

    • “they are elected by the people and are suppose to represent us” i feel like saying not always elected..
      anyway they got nothing against assange and i m rather upset by these pretending private companies(paypal,visa,…) being used by politicians to crush assange.they are using the system illegaly and they should be boycoted. that prooves th existence of an opressing system.destroy big brother.

      • I couldn’t agree more Yohan. I got rid of my Mastercard and quit my amazon account when they took it upon themselves to block Wikileaks and I’ve never turned back. I also told my bank why I was refusing to continue to use my Mastercard and they were a bit taken aback by my attitude. Am I alone in finding their global blockade Biblical in proportion? What was it they said in the Bible about being “neither able to buy nor sell” without the mark of the beast? It’s the first time on planet Earth that a man from Australia, could neither buy or sell in Europe because of a blockade stemming from the US. Julian has showed them up for what they are… utterly corrupt. It makes my blood boil that the likes of Julian is hounded while the real criminals walk free…

    • I think you are making a very important distinction that is worthy rof repeating that is Julian Assange via Wikileaks did not leak the secret cables. The information was sent to Wikileaks by the insiders. Julian published the cables as a journalist. He neither stole nor hacked to get these cables. In a similar manner, Woodward and Bernstein did not leak the inside info from Nixon’s Administration. It was “Deep Throat” who gave them the docs that they ended up publishing in the Washington Post.

  2. Well what exactly can one say ? i haven´t followed all the leaks and i havent gotten into debates but having justs watched the above link i was shocked. At not only the outcome of the case but also of the cover up surrounding this. As a tax payer whos cash lines our defence system to watch what can only be described as a blatent cover up of the truth and murder. I am dissapointed in our goverment, legal system and am 100% behind these facts comming into the public domain.
    The freedom of Truth should not controlled by the powers it is the peoples rght . It is time that all nations, colours and greeds stand togther as one voice and except nothing but the truth – United we stand Tall.
    Thank you for freeing this information.

  3. No consuman nada que provenga de EEUU, Amazon, Paypad, etc

    Hasta que aprendan a respetar la libertad de expresión. De otro modo van fijar un precedente para luego censurar todos los rincones de Internet.

    Sra Clinton: Respeten la libertad de los paises. No nos den ordenes, no somos sus esclavos

  4. Sorry Jane..this site is in support of Julan Assange and we are dedicated , not only to him being set free but clearing his name from the diabolical charges that have been made against him. We have noting to do with the leaked documents and we have none of these files on our server…..sorry 🙂

  5. can someone PLEASE send me the email addresses required to link my dropbox folder with my wikileaks petition video in it to you? the page i bookmarked before with the instruction on “how-to” isn’t there anymore.

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  7. I think it is just shocking how we the people allow ourselve’s to be run by all these corrupted asshole’s. Sorry for the bad language. (their will be no more) It is just that i am a very passionate man. Beside’s, i am sure the “so called” good guy leader’s and elite’s do much worse thing’s. Julian Assange and his colleague’s have simply proved that they say one thing, and do another. Just as i guess many have alway’s suspected. History tell’s us all we need to know about these type’s of people, and i for one am sick of these type of corrupted and crazy people that think they are above the law, and everybody else. The way how us everyday folk’s are treated like pawn’s in their game. I think it’s about time we removed these people and formed new civil government’s. As in, government’s that service the people and the enviroment. Not just the exclusively super rich and powerful. Beside’s, it is quite clear that they, along with government’s, have no real interest in looking after their people. If anything i think they see us as a pest. These people do not represent our’s or the earth’s interest for the most part. So why do we keep putting up with it? We out number them by a long shot, and it’s not like they can throw us all in guantanamo bay to keep us quiet while they destroy almost everything that we hold dear.

    The amount of poverty in the world is just getting ridiculous. That along with the way we strip the resource’s of the world as fast as possible in order to keep money maker’s (and short sighted consumer’s) happy is far beyond a joke. At the same time the everyday people are getting cheated more and more. Especially more so in countrie’s like China. Though it happen’s everywhere if we are to be honest about it. All these middle men inbetween stop the basic worker from making a salary that can even really support them. (So people doing nothing other then signing bit’s of paper get more money then a person doing the actual work??) Nevermind have some kind of quality of life. It’s like the importance of quality of life is the one thing that the human being doe’s not understand. (I hear in Japan, they have a word for being literally worked to death)

    I dont feel secure under the power’s that be. Not only regarding the way how Julian Assange is treated. But also by the upcoming replacement of men with efficient machine’s. I mean, i guess once machine’s can do all our basic job’s, i guess the power’s that be are just going to leave us to rot away in poverty right? Not allowing us to break away since they will claim ownership of everything that we would need to support ourselve’s. With the lack of compassion that is shown in this world by the power’s that be, (and other selfish people) that would not surprise me in the least. Do me a favour and just shoot me already if this is the case. Because i don’t want to keep living as an economic slave. Paralyzed in many way’s simply because i don’t have the money, nor the work, nor any real opportunity to progress without being able to jump through a million and one hoop’s. (Even then with no guarantee) Yet i am expected not to commit crime by the law. It’s no wonder we have so much crime in this world. It is no surprise at all. Because i guess these people realized long ago that big brother was not, and never was, looking out for their interest’s. Using media and other method’s to show off the glamorous lifestyle to everyday folk yet been expected by society to be happy living on peanut’s. At the same time being expected to be grateful. Seriously, in my opinion. Being born into this world is a sick joke. I feel sorry for the 99% Especially the one’s who really do try hard to make a difference for the benefit of everybody. I’m not even going to go into the detail’s about how all this global stress is causing people to breed like rabbit’s, and cause yet more un-sustainable stress on our limited resource’s.

    Anyway’s on a final note, and back to the subject in hand. I wish Julian Assange all the best, and if there is anyway an everyday shmuk like me can support him. Then i will without question. Because to me, he represent’s freedom and true justice for the people.

    Also the way the media has portrayed him in the public eye to be involved in sex scandal’s in Sweden just goe’s to show the level of corrupt, self centred, filth that we (the good people) are up against. Let alone all the other dirty play.

    Long live Julian Assange!!

    A true hero of the world’s people.

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