A Nation, and a World – Restructured

Julian Assange is due to be in court at 2:00pm today – December 14, 2010.  I clicked on all of my media sites to see what the daily news is – and to my awe, there is once again another panic over the “cyber-war” that hasn’t even occurred yet.  Government officials in England have been warned to be prepared for a cyber attack following Julian Assange’s hearing today.

Has the world become proactive all the sudden?  I have to wonder why.  Ok – actually I don’t wonder why.  Julian Assange.  That’s why.  This man has turned a “reactive” world into a “proactive” world in all but a month.  And this man is having death threats by Government Officials thrown at him?

The death knoll that is rapping on Julian’s head is un-called for.  This detainment in a solitary cell with half an hour a day outside is un-called for.  Julian Assange has single handedly restructured the world.  He has restructured how we think, behave, and speak.

Rest assured, that no matter how much anyone wants to deny that anything good has come of Mr. Julian Assange – the world is restructured in all sense.  The President of the United States is now having to hold himself accountable – and in doing so, he must think and act differently than before.  The truth is out – and now he has made it his job to “soothe” the relations between the US and other nations such as Turkey.  And Mr. Obama is not the only one having to alter his person.  Every other government official in the world is also having to alter their behaviors as well.

Citizens, children, teachers, police officers, judges,…etc – they are all strapped into the seat of restructuring as well.  There is no escaping it.  The bell…cannot be unrung.

Public Schools may be forced to exclude anything about Assange in their classrooms, but they can never ever elude the media – and how they are going to be forced to learn from here on out.  Teachers will no longer be able to censor the truth – such as historical facts, or civics.  Students will learn the most from Julian Assange – those in K-12 are sponges soaking up all of this information.  To hide a child from what is going on means that a parent would literally have to lock the child in a closet and feed them through a port hole.  Won’t happen.

The Nations of the world – and the world itself has been restructured – and right now, to date, there isn’t any manual or handbook out for it yet.  It’s a trial and error process, but perhaps that’s what Julian wants.  He wants people to be accountable instead of dependent – and perhaps it’s time.  Perhaps that old adage of Anarchy isn’t quite so bad anymore – nor will it be for the future.  Individual sovereignty is back – and it’s back to stay!

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