A Mother’s Perspective on Julian Assange

Julian’s mother speaks out

From a mother’s perspective, having a son do what Julian has done is beyond words.  She brought the lever into the world…that has moved the world for us.  Julian’s name shouldn’t be smeared all over the world as some guy who wants attention or who is a womanizer. He shouldn’t have to endure the types of abuse that some corrupt media wants to portray him as.  Any citizen who has felt the pressure of oppression in their daily lives knows that the smear campaign is nothing more than an attempt to silence the “he-who-will-not-be-silenced.”

It is a poor attempt by the media sources who are desperately reaching for material to smear Julian’s name with to bring down Wikileaks.  It is quite obvious that the majority of the world sees Julian Assange as someone who is fighting for their freedom, and many have taken up the staff of defense with him through supporting him financially, emotionally, physically…etc.

Julian is brave.  Julian is not a rapist and neither is he someone who is out to harm anyone in the world with the recent cables that have been circulating throughout the world.  If truth has ever hurt anyone, it is the governments who are the ones hurting and it isn’t Julian Assange inflicting the hurt.  The governments are the ones inflicting the hurt by conducting themselves in manners that they will regret at later dates.  There is no stopping the truth.  Truth will not be harnessed…and quite apparent: neither will Julian Assange.

Support Christine’s brave son…and if you are a mother, think twice before you ring the bell in support of your own oppression and denial of freedom via your government.

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