A Message to Anti-Assange

If you are not with us – you are against us. Isn’t that the old adage?

It seems that many people of the world have been misled by our governments. Our governments are not perfect – nor is you or I – and most certainly neither is Julian Assange. I have long supported my husband’s statement that a mistake can never been made on any casual and single occasion. A mistake is only a mistake when the initial action has caused a person to take for granted a lesson learned. The problem here is that this – what the government is doing – is not a casual occasion nor is it the first. They have failed to learn.

Have you ever seen the cartoon, “A Bug’s Life?” This reminds me of that cartoon. The Grasshoppers are scared that if they DONT go back – that the ants will realize that there is more of them than grasshoppers. In the end – they overcome the grasshoppers because there are MORE of them – and because they have genius ants like the one that stood up against everyone and DID something about what was going on!

The government KNOWS that there are more citizens than government – and thus they try to scare people like me, you, and Assange. They meet in secret and they throw information like what we are seeing in the Assange hearing right now. Sweden opposes bail – no wait, UK opposes bail. Who’s next? US opposes bail?

It’s a scare tactic and Assange will not have it. He has made his opinion clear and has stated his position and intentions. He will not be moved – and neither should you.

Don’t let the fear overcome you – over come the fear and Support Julian Assange!

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