A little Less Talking and a Little More Doin’

What exactly is, Rhetoric?

When we think about rhtetoric, we think about political campaigns and advertisements that we see on television, right?  We think about literary people throughout history – with their false dictations and inspiring awe-invoking wordsmithing.

It is one thing to be a rhetorical writer – but it quite another to not only speak about what you want others to do – but “do” something with it as well.  This is what Julian Assange has done.  He has moved beyond rhetoric – and has done something so great that he now has found himself in a political battle, which isn’t so surprising because anyone in a political authoritarian position is going to put themselves at the center of the ring once they’ve been attacked – or are peceived as being attacked.

What Julian did – was not “attack” so much as he did “inform.”  Julian Assange and wikileaks are not whistle blowers.  They are media just like any other media on the face of this planet and what they did, was find credible information that was given to them as a gift – and spread it to everyone like any good media organization would.

Media – when we think of it – is information and talk.  Gossip.  Wikileaks has transformed the media industry and others are following suit.  The New York Times and The Guardian are Wikileaks main information distributors.  What doesn’t get by Wikileaks – what people bypass, The New York Times and The Guardian are able to put into articles in which people read easier.

For future media – will this new informational tactic be the key to success?  Will it be then the goal of the media to harness the world’s government based corruption and secrecy with regard to damage control of the world?

If media begins to run in this new direction with the help of people like Bradley Manning and Julian Assange – we could be seeing a restructuring of the world once again.  And this time, it will be for the good where there are simply too many people to prosecute – and Julian’s own mother calls her son brave.  Brave…he is.

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